Next Time On… Yellowstone season 4, episode 5 – “Under a Blanket of Red”

November 22, 2021
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Yellowstone delivered a slower, more character-driven episode this week, with each of the Duttons trying to figure out their place in the family and the world as the attempted assassination of the family and the continuing encroachment of Market Equities both hover threateningly over their lives. Despite its contemplative nature, though, “Winning or Learning” also delivered a pretty major development in the main plot, so before we get into speculating about Yellowstone season 4, episode 5, let’s take account of where we are:

  • Jimmy made his way to the Six Fours Ranch, and presumably the talked-about spinoff.
  • Tensions between Lloyd and Walker boiled over in the bunkhouse, leading to Rip having to intervene.
  • Beth was offered a job at Market Equities by CEO Caroline Warner, which she’s thinking about taking.
  • Kayce, Monica, and Tate left the Yellowstone to return to the reservation.
  • Jamie discovered that Riggins, the prisoner who orchestrated the hit on the Duttons, used to share a cell with his biological father, Garrett.

Yellowstone season 4, episode 5 release date

“Under a Blanket of Red” will air on November 28, 2021, at 8 pm ET on Paramount Network.

How to watch Yellowstone online

As stated above, new episodes of Yellowstone air on the Paramount Network, and are also available to watch online on Paramount’s official website or the Paramount Network app.

Predictions for “Under a Blanket of Red”

The latest developments make for many interesting possibilities moving forwards, especially in regards to Jamie and his relationship with both Garrett and his adopted family. Let’s take a few guesses:

  • Jamie has a decision to make. Thanks in large part to Beth, he is thoroughly disconnected from the Duttons, although John’s approval still seems to be something he wants to pursue. However, now that his investigation has turned up that Garrett might have been responsible for the hit, he’s going to have to decide whether to side with the Duttons or with his blood.
  • John was beginning to feel the toll of keeping the Yellowstone in Dutton hands in “Winning or Learning”, and there are only so many children he can watch walk out of his door. Is he becoming disillusioned with the fight? Getting soft in his old age? Either way, he might start considering a change in approach.
  • Will Market Equities accept Beth’s terms? I think it’s likely they will, and she can work to try and preserve Dutton interests from within the ranks of their enemies.
  • Kayce’s move isn’t likely to solve anything long-term, but it is likely to keep the matter shelved for a while. But if any trouble comes to the Yellowstone again, there aren’t too many people left there who can deal with it.
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