Renewed or Canceled – will there be a season 5 of Selling Sunset?

November 23, 2021
Daniel Hart 0
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This article discusses whether there will be a season 5 of the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset and its renewed or canceled status. It does not contain spoilers.

Every time a season of Selling Sunset comes out, it grips reality fans. There’s something about the formula of the show that entices views. It’s sexy, audacious, outrageous, but also there’s a tinge of professionalism about the whole concept as it shrouds the hot property market. With season 4 out on November 24, 2021, and picking up a favourable review by Ready Steady Cut, there’s only one question.

Will there be a season 5 of Selling Sunset – renewed or canceled status

Status: renewed
Release date: TBC

Yes, there will be a season 5 of Selling Sunset. The hype and viewership of the reality series have been so strong that Netflix decided to renew it for two more seasons. Plus, with Netflix bringing out Selling Tampa on December 15th, viewers can be reassured that this reality series, along with the spin-off, is here to stay for a few more years. There’s an addictive nature to the series that has that longevity that many reality series do not have.

While Netflix tends to throw out many reality series as quickly as possible, they often do not land effectively. But now again, the streaming services get it right (see Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle). Selling Sunset has the explosive personalities and measured drama to keep viewers in. It also helps that there’s a professional side to the reality series; seeing these gorgeous, ambitious women to sell properties for The Oppenheim Group is undoubtedly an inescapable selling point.

As season 4 ends, there are more questions, so we can only expect more drama; however, with spin-offs coming to our screens, we must wonder how far Netflix is willing to take this concept. We predict that Netflix will commission very similar and intrinsically linked series, and make a reality universe where characters criss-cross and enjoy different, highly-fuelled environments.

One thing is for sure; even with the pandemic delaying matters, Selling Sunset is here to stay, and with the unpredictability of where the cast will end up, the appeal for the audience will remain the same.

We will keep this page updated when we know a release date, but for now, enjoy season 4 and the spin-off.