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November 25, 2021
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In the latest episode of Swagger, Jace and the team were confronted by something much more dangerous than a well-oiled opposing team — racism. And the Covid-19 pandemic. And the ingrained cultural biases reinforced by generations of arbitrary separation based on North and South, left and right, Black and white, and so on, and so forth. The team might not have emerged victorious on the court, but they learned something integral about themselves and the culture they’re all a part of — things that’ll doubtlessly be vital as the series approaches its end. But before we speculate about Swagger season 1, episode 8, titled “And Still I Rise”, let’s briefly round things up:

  • Swagger traveled to play an away game against Nick’s old team, sponsored by Gladiator Sneakers.
  • At a diner on the way there, the team was accosted and held at gunpoint by two armed sheriffs after a patron complained.
  • In response to this violation, Jace and most of the rest of the team and coaches took a knee during the national anthem, leading the crowd to go ballistic to the extent that the game is almost called off.
  • Swagger decided to play on and would have come back to win the game if it weren’t for Nick’s final shot being disallowed. They leave having learned more about themselves and become much tighter as a team, and on the way home stopped to participate in a protest.
  • Crystal told her parents about her coach’s abuse, and told Jace that, along with some former members of her team, she intends to testify against her abuser in court.

Swagger season 1, episode 8 release date

“And Still I Rise” is slated to air on December 3, 2021, at 12 a.m. ET, exclusively on Apple TV+

Where to watch Swagger online

As mentioned above, Swagger is exclusive to Apple TV+. The streaming platform is available with a subscription costing $4.99 per month. New subscribers get a 7-day free trial.

“And Still I Rise” predictions

While “#RADICALS” felt somewhat divorced from the overarching plot, the relationships between the characters have been irrevocably defined by what occurred in it, and consequences will no doubt be felt.

  • Crystal’s decision to both tell her parents about what happened to her and to testify are big steps, and since “#RADICALS” didn’t have room to properly unpack the implications of this, you can expect it to be a major focus of “And Still I Rise”.
  • Will Alonzo be forced to really reckon with the impact Gladiator is having on the community? He didn’t seem thrilled to be told that the “controversial ending” of this game as good for business — is he realizing he’s on the wrong side here?
  • Now that Jace and Nick are on the same page on the court, one assumes that Swagger DMV is going to start really dominating. But will that eventually force the two of them to squabble over limited opportunities?
  • Is Jace and the team’s involvement in the assault of Crystal’s coach going to come out? With her testifying, this secret is likely to be interrogated further.
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