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November 29, 2021
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This week’s episode of Mayor of Kingstown found Mike trying to maintain an uneasy peace between the local gangs and law enforcement by telling the former to manage their expectations and the latter to prove a point about how things could be, were circumstances slightly different. It’s a message that both sides needed to hear, but one that will unlikely be taken on board without incident, which has all kinds of intriguing implications for Mayor of Kingstown season 1, episode 5. Here’s what Mike was dealing with in “The Price”:

  • Following Kenny’s murder, all of the gangs were looking for handouts from the police and prison officials. While the guards agreed to lighten up around the prisons, not frisking visitors and tossing cells with much enthusiasm, the gangs decided this wasn’t enough, and all wanted to be first in line for more specific favors.
  • Mike met with Bunny, Pete, and later Carlos Jiminez to tell them all the same thing — that there wouldn’t be any favors. Nobody seemed particularly thrilled to receive this news, so Mike told his Department of Corrections connection to prove a point, resulting in one of the gang leader’s getting tased and humiliated.
  • Iris, the hooker from New York that Milo sent to “make Mike happy”, arrived in his office and propositioned him. Mike didn’t take the bait, but while he was brutal in his assessment of Iris’s likelihood of survival, he instructed her to return to Milo and tell him they had a good time.
  • In a random pizza joint, Kyle and Ian were forced to gun down the proprietor after he tried to take a potential robbery into his own hands.

Mayor of Kingstown season 1, episode 5 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ on Sunday, December 5, 2021. It’s the fifth of ten total episodes airing weekly between now and Sunday, January 16th, 2022.

Where to watch Mayor of Kingstown online

As mentioned above, Mayor of Kingstown episode 5 will air exclusively on Paramount+. Since Paramount+ is still making a name for itself in the Streaming Wars, there will be many new customers signing up for the service on the strength of original shows such as this one. Membership is $4.99 or $9.99 a month (the latter is the premium package), or $49.99/$99.99 on an annual plan.


With the tentative peace in Kingstown liable to boil over at any moment, it’s highly likely that everything we’ve seen germinating in “The Price” will start to flourish in the next episode. So, with that in mind, here are some vague prognostications:

  • The gangs probably won’t respond well to being taught a lesson by the prison officials, which will likely mean some form of retribution. That’ll probably manifest as more stress for Mike, who will be forced to try and keep the peace on the outside.
  • As Carlos suggested to Mike, some of his younger associates might not be as willing to shelve their pride as he is. Will we see some more daring plays from the Mexicans? Probably, and since Mike didn’t exactly handle his conversation with Pete all that diplomatically, he’ll probably have a point to prove too.
  • Have we seen the last of Iris? I suspect not, though it’s hard to say what role she might play moving forwards. There’s a chance that she’ll find herself on the other side of Milo’s wrath and turn to Mike for help.
  • Kyle’s job prospects aren’t looking too good. I still think he’s going to be the likeliest casualty of this season.
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