Next Time On… Succession season 3, episode 8 – “Chiantishire”

November 29, 2021
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This week’s episode of Succession was one of the show’s best ever, and with only two episodes left in the season, Succession season 3, episode 8, “Chiantishire”, is sure to tee up the events of a major finale. As though that wasn’t exciting enough, the episode’s title and the brief promo clip imply that all the Roy clan will be getting together once again and that always results in fireworks. And this time, Logan himself will be present! He didn’t even attend Kendall’s 40th birthday bash, and all kinds of things happened there, including the following:

  • Kendall thoroughly embarrassed himself, realized his entire family was there just to stab him in the back, and then rapidly imploded in a tower of trampled presents.
  • Shiv absolutely hit the roof — and the dancefloor — when she learned that Logan and Roman had offered to buy Kendall’s shares in Waystar. She was also appalled by the revelation that private investigators have been harassing Kendall’s kids.
  • Roman schmoozed Lukas Matsson, the CEO of tech firm GoJo, into what he believes is a deal that’ll win him brownie points from daddy.
  • Greg got a date with Kendall’s PR agent, Comfry.
  • Tom learned that he isn’t going to prison. Probably.

Succession season 3, episode 8 release date

“Chiantishire” is scheduled for release on December 5, 2021, at 9 pm ET on HBO.

Where to watch Succession online

As mentioned above, Succession season 3, episode 8 will air on HBO. It will also be available on HBO Max with a subscription, and previous episodes and seasons can be watched on-demand.

Predictions for “Chiantishire”

As this is the penultimate episode of the season, you can expect some big things. They might include:

  • It seems like the entire clan is going to get together in a remote region of Tuscany for the wedding of Lady Caroline Collingwood, Logan’s second wife and the mother of Kendall, Roman, and Shiv.
  • Kendall, with a freshly shaved head, seems to have had enough of the games and wants to deal with his father directly.
  • Lukas and GoJo probably won’t turn out to be the lucrative win Roman thinks it is.
  • Will Greg make any progress with Comfry? Since she only agreed to date him to spite Kendall one suspects probably not.
  • Will the home truths that Shiv had to swallow in “Too Much Birthday” change her approach to the company? I still think we’re heading towards her ultimately teaming up with Kendall.
  • Is Tom really safe from prison? I wouldn’t be so sure.
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