Lost in Space season 3 – do the Robinson family reunite?

December 1, 2021 (Last updated: last month)
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This article, “do the Robinson family reunite,” contains major spoilers regarding Lost in Space season 3. 

The central premise heading into Lost in Space season 3 is the separation of the Robinson family. The kids are going alone to Alpha Centauri, while the parents are stuck battling with their own journey. There’s plenty of uncertainty and anxiety on both sides. It feels like a parent’s nightmare, wondering if your child has made it to safety via interstellar space travel.

Season 3 shows that level of sadness and failure of parenthood via Maureen Robinson. She’s struggling to come to terms that she never managed to keep her children with her. As for John Robinson, he shares that view, but he’s way more optimistic and believes there’s a way to reunite the family. The first four episodes of Lost in Space is certainly heartbreaking as there’s so much uncertainty on the future of the Robinson family.

Do the Robinson family reunite in Lost in Space season 3?

Yes, they finally do, but in hectic circumstances. When the children learn of the location of the parents, they decide to save them from the violent robots. Using the Jupiter as a decoy, the parents are saved using the Fortuna ship. The robots expected them all to be on the Jupiter. It’s a perfect and ideal decoy — nobody is harmed.

And so, in an emotional moment, the Robinson family are reunited, and we saw something similar in season 2 — they love being separated and then reunited. But, staying on theme for the unluckiest space travelling family; as their ship heads through the rift to get to Alpha Centauri, a robot ship follows, leaving John Robinson no choice but to redirect their ship to another location. This leads them to more peril.

So they are reunited, but there’s a lot of work to do when they are first back together.

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