Lost in Space season 3 – is Grant Kelly alive?

December 1, 2021
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This article, “is Grant Kelly alive,” contains major spoilers regarding Lost in Space season 3. 

As we have learned in the first two seasons, Judy has two fathers in her life; her assumed father, who raised her (John Robinson), and her birth father, Grant Kelly. The story props Grant Kelly as this famous astronaut who was the first to travel in space with a team to get to Alpha Centauri. But somewhere in their mission, something went wrong. Doubts were raised about what happened to the crew of Fortuna.

Luckily for Grant Kelly, his daughter Judy is an incredibly smart individual who has the mind and scope of her mother, Maureen. Season 3 sees Judy trying her best to find the Fortuna ship to see if her father is alive while enjoying the temporary home on a dead planet.

Is Grant Kelly alive in Lost in Space season 3?

It turns out that despite the Fortuna ship veering off course, Grant Kelly survived, and he is alive, nestled in his cryopod. Judy awakens him from his cryosleep, and initially, she does not tell him that she’s his daughter. There’s so much nervousness knowing she’s about to emotionally reunite with her father. There’s a lot of sympathy for her. 

But as we reach the end of episode 3, Judy tells Grant Kelly that he is her birth father in an emotional moment. It’s a strange interstellar moment where it defies the standard conventions of a human connection — despite the time lost in space travel, they both have an incredible opportunity to connect. Judy’s intelligence and journey for the truth lead her back to her birth father, and the Netflix series delivers it well and once again relies on the family theme. 

Lost in Space does its best to enhance Grant Kelly as this famous figure in human space travel history, but it’s the importance of a father/daughter relationship that takes center stage. That’s what is essential.

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