Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a season 3 of PEN15?

December 2, 2021
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This article discusses whether there will be season 3 of PEN15 and its renewed or cancelled status.

PEN15 is one of the strangest comedies I’ve ever seen. It shouldn’t even work, yet it somehow enhances a story about goofy teenager life and relying on revolving awkwardness. Season 1 came and it was unanimously enjoyed, but there was never this eagerness for a quick renewal.

However, season 2 came with a strange release date schedule. Hulu decided to release it in two parts, with an animated episode wedged in between. Maybe it was the pandemic, or that it was 15 episodes long, but the release schedule worked. We were all excited for the second part of season 2.

This comedy, or shall we say “traumedy” is one of the biggest surprises on the streaming service.

Will there be a season 3 of PEN15 – Renewed or Cancelled status

Status: cancelled/not renewed.

Unfortunately, PEN15 will not be getting a third season. And it isn’t surprising. While the comedy is hilarious, the scope that it could work is limited, and once Anna and Maya go to college, where social dynamics change, we would like to think that the writing wouldn’t be as effective. The goofy high school approach, with nervy inexperienced teens trying to handle their hormones, is the main reason for success for the series.

We believe Hulu ended the series on the right note, and with part two of season 2 coming out on December 3, 2021. We are confident that fans will be happy with its conclusion. Will there be spin-offs? Possibly, but we’d like to think this universe could only work with Anna and Maya involved. 

Just because it is not getting renewed, doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. PEN15 definitely worked, but not all series need to carry on indefinitely. Sometimes you have to let the story go and leave the characters on a high-point. 

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