Next Time On… The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 6 – “The Flame of Tar Valon”

December 3, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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This article contains predictions for the Amazon series The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 6.

The latest episode of The Wheel of Time found the Aes Sedai’s and the Warder’s mourning the loss of one of their own. Stepin, the former Warder of Kerene Nagashi, the Captain-General of the Green Ajah (they are the Ajah of warriors that fight when peace talks fail), took his own life. He took a dagger and appeared to have cut his own femoral vein, causing him to bleed out. Here is what else happened in the latest episode, “Blood calls Blood”:

  • Nynaeve appears to be a hot ticket, as Moiraine warns her to not leave her tower because she will be used as a pawn (albeit, a powerful one), by some of the other Aes Sedai. This is shown to be true when Liandrin stages a visit with her and Moiriane confronts her.
  • Rand continues to monitor Mat as the red dagger, unbeknownst to them, is taking over his body towards the Dark Order. He is deteriorating as he is moody, sweating uncontrollably as he looks like death becomes him.
  • Perrin and Egwene have a coming-out party of their own. The “Light” snatches them from the “Leaves” and Valder ties her up and ties him down to a wooden shackle or prove Egwene can channel. He is actually right! Long story short, her channeling is very weak and he easily swats her powers away, but not Perrin. His eyes light up and he summons his power— of the wolves! His furry friends turn the lights off, pun intended, and they escape after Eqwene stabs their hostage taken in the neck
  • Finally, the Warders feel complete pain and empathy with their commanders. They also suffer from extreme loss and depression when they lose them. Even though there was talk of Alanna taking on Sid, he decided to drug Lan so he passes out. That’s when he kills himself.
  • The episode ends with Lan crying over Sid’s body during the funeral ceremony as they all take their right hands and best their chests. Moiraine begins to shed tears for Lan.

The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 6 release date/time

The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 6 will be released on December 10, 2021, at midnight PT, exclusively on Amazon Prime. 

Where to watch online

As mentioned above,  The Wheel of Time season 1, episode 6 can be watched exclusively to Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform is available with a subscription that is free with an annual Amazon Prime subscription costing $99.99 a year. New customers can get a 30-day free trial by clicking these words.

Predictions for episode 6, “The Flame of Tar Valon

  • The source material is beloved and well known but having never read the books I try to go in fresh. It’s a very hard series to predict, but let’s give it a shot! I’d love to hear your predictions in the comment section below!
  • There is definitely something going on with Nynaeve and Lan. They have made a connection and there are some heavy feelings between them. The bond between a Warder and an Aes Sedai is strong, and Lan and Moiraine displayed a wholistic bond (mind, body, and soul/spiritual connection) allowed under her color of the Blue Ajah. However, by the end of this episode, Moiraine appeared to have strong, deep feelings for him? It’s a love triangle, people.
  • Rand won’t be able to control Mat any longer. Mat is succumbing to the power of the red dagger. Look for Logain to make a play for Mat and use him to be freed from the tower of the Aes Sedai’s clutches.
  • Who will Nynaeve pick? By training in the tower, she gets to choose which Ajah based on her own values. If she goes red, she can’t have a Warder — in other words, no wham, bam, thank you Lan time. Will she choose the Red Ajah to hide her true feelings for him? Will Moiraine let him go or fight to keep him? Moiraine’s nature seems so pious to me, she may let him go knowing that if its meant to be, it will come back to her.
  • Speaking of Aes Sedai political chess, Moiraine’s BFF is Alanna and something tells me she is going to betray Moiraine— possibly for Nynaeve. They also refer to her being able to free a Warder of their connection from Aes Sedai. Will Lan approach her to be freed of his connection to Moiraine? Will Moiraine do the right thing and free him by asking Alanna for help? Stay tuned…



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