David and the Elves ending explained – do they save Alfred in the end?

December 6, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix Christmas film David and the Elves and will contain spoilers. 

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The film starts with Santa’s workshop. It’s coming close to Christmas, and Santa needs all the help he can get. Unfortunately, many of the elves aren’t up to the job, which leaves most of the workload to Albert the Elf. Quickly, Albert feels overworked and over-tired. This takes the magic away from him. Christmas is portrayed as a time of family, friends, fun, and charm, but when we’re overworked, under-paid and over-tired, this holiday season becomes more stressful than enjoyable. So, I don’t blame Albert for running away. 

Santa slates humans, saying we’re rude, ungrateful and not nice (and he’s got a point) but Albert doesn’t believe this, which is another reason for him to run to the human world and share his gifts and magic. 

When Albert comes to the real world, he meets David. David very much loves Santa and believes in him and his magic, like most children. Moving away from his family in a small town to the big city of Warsaw has made David feel slightly dismal. The cozy, comfortable Christmas with his large family in the small town always felt magical to David, because there was so much love and happiness around. Therefore, moving to Warsaw made Christmas particularly hard for him. The scenes of the family celebrating around the table are heart-warming and almost too perfect—a nice change to the classic American and British families arguing around the table. 

Alfred and David have fun singing carols, playing the drums, and Albert implies that if he buys people gifts, they’ll like him, and then he’ll have lots of friends, which reflects today’s society of buying love rather than having genuine love. 

Alfred runs around the city, trying to share his magic and be nice to everyone, and no one is nice in return. This feels very genuine of our society, where someone portraying themselves as overly friendly or upbeat is seen as strange and a possible threat. 

Netflix film David and the Elves ending explained

We find out that Albert runs on an elf battery and once fully drained, he will turn into a figurine that keeps growing smaller until he will disappear. With humans being non-believers, their lack of kindness and faith drains his battery. Santa and his wife have been watching Alfred and David and don’t want Alfred to die so they begin their travels to Warsaw. When David realizes what’s happening, he promises to keep Albert alive, and they embark on their journey to David’s grandparents’ house to celebrate a “real Christmas”. The innocence and purity of children will save Christmas; reminding all of us to go back to our inner child and enjoy Christmas like we did when we were younger. Before the stress of work and adult life.

As poor Alfred gets sicker and loses his magic, David’s parents, Santa, and Santa’s wife travel to find them. Alfred begins to slowly “die,” and he and David sing carols in the snow, alone, cold, waiting for a miracle. Alfred then turns into a toy, and his magic disappears. 

David ultimately saved Albert by showing him what unconditional love is and revived the Christmas spirit for his entire family, which is absolutely the best way to end a film. They all wave as Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Alfred flies away into the night.

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