Elite Short Stories 2: Phillipe Caye Felipe recap and ending explained

By Jordan Lyon
Published: December 15, 2021 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Netflix Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe

This review of Netflix’s Elite Short Stories 2: Phillipe Caye Felipe does not contain spoilers.

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At the start of Elite Short Stories 2: Phillipe Caye Felipe, Caye (Georgina Amorós) is with Rebeka (Claudia Salas) as they wait to donate clothes. Although, the person in charge, Felipe (Àlex Monner), berates those who bring in clothes that are in no state to get worn again. That is, at least, until he sees the clothes that Caye and Rebeka have brought. Not only does he like their clothes, but he seems to take a liking to Caye. Meanwhile, not too far away is Prince Phillipe (Pol Granch). After his Mum (Rachel Lascar) nearly runs over a dog, Prince Phillipe helps the dog’s owner Lara (Celia Sastre) find her dog. His search brings him directly to the donation center that Caye is at.

What follows is an awkward encounter between Prince Phillipe and Caye. Although, Prince Phillipe seems to be eager to impress Caye as he donates a ton of clothes to the donation center. Whilst Felipe sorts out the clothes, Caye believes that Prince Phillipe is merely doing it to try and worm his way back into her life. After a day’s shift with Felipe at the donation center, Caye goes on a date with Felipe, and it goes swimmingly.

As Prince Phillipe continues to donate clothes, he is turning the workplace into a circus, according to Caye anyways. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, as not only are Caye and Felipe working there but so are Prince Phillipe and Lara. Prince Phillipe suggests having a party, to which Caye shuts him down. She calls him out for his “image cleanser” and berates him for rubbing his relationship with Lara in her face. When Prince Phillipe says to Felipe, “You deal with her”, it angers Caye, and she argues with him. But as there’s a crowd of people in the center, one of them begins to record Caye.

Afterward, Caye tries to convince Felipe that she doesn’t have any feelings for Prince Phillipe. And so, with a little help from Notting Hil, Caye publically asks Prince Phillipe to leave. With a crowd watching. Prince Phillipe reveals that he still loves Caye and that he wants to prove that he is still the guy that she fell in love with. As Lara was among those watching, she leaves the center. As a result, Caye tells Prince Phillipe “Now you’re stuck without her and without me”. Ultimately, Caye does agree to be friends with Prince Phillipe. As for Felipe, well, he doesn’t seem to be overly impressed with what he’s just witnessed.

The ending

In the closing scene of Elite Short Stories 2: Phillipe Caye Felipe, Caye and Felipe close the donation center for the night. Caye invites Felipe out for dinner, but he turns her down. “You’re not feeling it”, Felipe tells her in regards to their relationship. Felipe tells her if she is able to let Prince Phillipe go, he’ll be there for her. But for now, Felipe can’t be with Caye, and he fires her.

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