Next Time On… Our Beloved Summer season 1, episodes 5 and 6

December 15, 2021
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This article contains predictions that may be spoilers for the Netflix K-Drama series Our Beloved Summer season 1, episodes 5 and 6.

We were introduced into the lives of Yeonsu and Ung in Our Beloved Summer — the ex-couple who reunites after a documentary went viral. They cross paths and we hope they continue to do so. Yeonsu is a whiz at her job who spends a lot of time working and Ung (or Ko-o) is an artist.

Here’s a quote from our recent recaps:

In a flashback scene, we learn that Yeonsu wasn’t happy about the breakup, especially as it was a long-term relationship. Instead, she puts on a brave face to appear calm and self-assured but it feels disingenuous as she is hurting and upset about it. It’s an interesting dynamic because we’ve never seen much of her vulnerable moments and characteristics.

Our Beloved Summer season 1, episodes 5 and 6 release date

Episode 5 will be released on Netflix on the 20th of December 2021 and we don’t anticipate any changes in scheduling. Episode 6 will be released the day after.

Where to watch online

Our Beloved Summer is a Korean drama on Netflix and is available to stream on the platform (with a subscription). Viewers can watch the episode by tuning into the platform every Monday and Tuesday.


Here are our predictions for episode 5 ! What do you think?

Judging by the preview, it seems like Yeonsu and Ung will slowly reunite as she lets her walls down and becomes more vulnerable. From going through a horrible breakup and quite frankly, growing up, they have both been through a lot. Now they’re working on their documentary due to Jiung’s help.

You will be able to stream Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 5 and 6 exclusively on Netflix.

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