Does the Hawkeye finale have a post-credits scene?

December 22, 2021
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Back in the day, nobody sat through the credits. It just wasn’t a thing. Of course, it should have been, since the credits include the names of people whose hard work made the entire experience possible, but you know how it is. Sitting around waiting for a brief tease halfway through the credits of a movie or TV show is a relatively new phenomenon, ushered in mostly by Marvel, who have historically hidden a breadcrumb trail of clues to their wider worldbuilding endeavors in the credits of their movies. These days, they often include two. So, does Hawkeye have a post-credits sequence, or a mid-credits sequence, as is expected?

Yes, of course, it does.

Hawkeye post-credits scene explained

For many, though, it’ll be a disappointing one, even if I rather enjoyed it and thought it was pretty in keeping with the show’s overall vibe. There isn’t a big bombshell or a continuity-shaking development; there isn’t a character debut, or even a hint of one. What there is instead is… a musical?

A musical, yes. It’s actually a throwback to the very first episode of the season, in which Clint went to see Rogers: The Musical and predictably sulked through the entire thing, though admittedly with a decent reason. One of the defining moments of his life has been turned into a light, pop entertainment. His friends, several of whom are dead, are singing and dancing across the stage, played by stage actors who have no idea what the event they’re happily depicting – the Battle of New York – really took from the people who participated in it. Eventually, Clint walked out, and we never got to see the full performance of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman’s “Save the City”. In the credits, though, we do.

Disappointing? Well, a little. But very funny? Absolutely. It helps that the performance is stocked by real talented stage actors – Aaron Nedrick as Iron Man, Avery Gillham as Hawkeye, Harris Turner as Hulk, Jason Scott Macdonald as Thor, Meghan Manning as Black Widow, Nico Dejesus as Ant-Man, Tom Feeney as Captain America, Jordan Chin as Loki – and the song is obviously really well-thought-out, with lyrics that reference prior events, pay tribute to the characters, and get some big laughs on their own terms. I still doubt Clint would have enjoyed it, but I did.

Beyond that, though, there isn’t another post-credits scene in Hawkeye. Thanks to Clint having passed the mantle to Kate Bishop, though, we already know the character will return with a quiver full of trick arrows and probably a quip or two. In the meantime, enjoy Rogers: The Musical and enjoy the holidays. You deserve it.

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