Emily In Paris season 2 – how does Camille find out about Gabriel’s affair with Emily?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 22, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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How does Camille find out about Gabriels affair with Emily in Emily In Paris season 2 - netflix series

This article, “how does Camille find out about Gabriel’s affair with Emily,” contains spoilers regarding season 2 of Emily in Paris.

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The first three episodes of Emily In Paris season 2 are tense. Emily is trying her hardest to make sure Gabriel and Camille make up after a recent split. She also does not want Camille to know that she slept with Gabriel in a night of passion and love. At first, it looks like Emily may have got away with it, but the writers foreshadow the moment when Sylvie tells her that she will have to answer for her infidelity eventually.

How does Camille find out about Gabriel’s affair with Emily in Emily In Paris season 2?

It happened on the worst day — Emily’s birthday. With spirits high, Emily hosts a dinner party, courtesy of Gabriel and Mindy, who encouraged Emily to do it. Gabriel helps Emily source the food for the party, proving that they struggle to keep apart, even in a civil dynamic.

At the party, the cake arrives, but Camille realizes that the champagne hasn’t been brought outside, so she offers to go to Emily’s apartment to get it. While in Emily’s apartment, she once again notices that Emily has a similar omelette pan to the one Gabriel has. But, after closer inspection, she sees it is Gabriel’s pan, with the same letters engraved on it. Camille learned earlier in the episode (from Mathieu) that Emily had an affair with someone. Camille puts two and two together and comes to a correct conclusion; Emily is one of the reasons Gabriel stayed in Paris. She knows they slept together.

Camille heads downstairs with her champagne, and makes a toast; she reveals that she knows Gabriel and Emily’s secret and storms off. Emily tries to explain herself, but the damage is done. Emily spends a lot of time in season 2 trying to make amends with Camille, even making a pact that neither of them shall be with Gabriel.

Of course, Gabriel acts dumb about the whole situation, believing it isn’t a big deal. He’s in love with Emily and he wants her.

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