Elite Short Stories 2: Patrick ending explained – will he fix his issues?

December 24, 2021
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This article discusses the end of Elite Short Stories 2: Patrick, so it will contain spoilers.

In the final addition of Elite Short Stories 2, Patrick (Manu Ríos) wakes up butt naked in the living room. His father, Benjamin (Diego Martín), scolds him for having numerous orgies. As for Ari (Carla Díaz), she returns home presumably after being attacked in season 4. Mencía (Martina Cariddi) is also there, but she’s withdrawn and downcast. Much like the rest of the mansion, which Ari hopes to decorate.

As a family dinner gets planned for later that evening, Patrick has no interest in going. And so, he travels out into the wilderness and stays in a cabin within the woods. Whilst he hopes it will allow him to enjoy some peace and quiet, he gets soon roped into joining a group of gay visitors as they have a drug-fueled rave. Although Patrick initially turns down the offer of joining them, they won’t take no for an answer and bombard their way into Patrick’s cabin. 

Before long, the unwelcomed party is in full swing, with Patrick taking full advantage of the drugs on offer. In his drugged-up state, Patrick rants about his sisters. Although, no one seems to care. When Manu (Xóan Fórneas) provides Patrick with more drugs, Patrick trips out and remembers the time when he and his mother went on a car journey that resulted in her death.

Netflix’s Elite Short Stories 2: Patrick ending explained

One of the party-goers, Beni (Iván Pellicer), scolds Patrick for taking drugs. So what does Patrick do? Well, he takes more drugs. As he trips out once again, he envisions Benjamin criticizing him for abandoning Ari in her hour of need. But more concerning to Patrick, he pictures Mencía in the bathtub with some pills. Back to reality and worried for her safety, he calls her. But she’s ok. After witnessing Patrick’s state of panic, Beni now decides that he enjoys Patrick’s company and would like to get to know him a bit more. 

In Patrick’s next drug-laced trip, he visualizes himself in three days preparing for Mencía’s funeral. It scares him, and he leaves the cabin to rush home. Once there, he voices his worries for Mencía’s wellbeing. After listening to his children blame themselves for their mother’s death, Benjamin has had enough. He tells Patrick, Mencía, and Ari that they were just children and they aren’t to blame for anything that happened.

As Elite Short Stories: Patrick comes to a close, Beni blocks Patrick who decorates the Christmas tree with Benjamin, Mencía and Ari.

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