The Silent Sea season 1 – what was Song Wonkyung’s dark secret?

December 24, 2021
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This article, “what was Song Wonkyung’s dark secret,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Silent Sea season 1.

One of the main plot points in The Silent Sea is Song Jian’s sister Song Wonkyung, who died at the Belhae Research station five years ago. Song Jian appears to have many regrets regarding her relationship with her sister, and this is one of the sole reasons she accepted the mission to go to the moon. She believes her sister had data to help with the lunar water and save humanity.

In therapy sessions, Song Jian shows her vulnerability when discussing her sister. She’s never sure about how to feel about her. The story hints they didn’t have a close relationship, making it even more painful for Song Jian when her sister died. Her memory lives on, and it is essential to the story, bringing a formidable twist.

What was Song Wonkyung’s dark secret in the K-Drama series The Silent Sea season 1?

It turns out that Song Jian’s sister had a dark and horrific secret that becomes the cornerstone to the ending.

Song Wonkyung was a scientist on the station, tasked with finding a way to make lunar water work for humanity. Song Jian’s learns this by looking through the videos in the data files. Her sister and her team conducted tests on a goldfish at first, but then proceeded to use female human clone subjects to carry out their experiments with lunar water. Labeling each test subject as “Luna”, they killed 72 clones, until they successfully had a result which didn’t kill one of them — “Luna – 073”. This is the young girl that has attacked the crew throughout season 1, but has formed a bond with Song Jian.

This revelation is emotionally devastating for Song Jian, knowing that her sister committed atrocious crimes. What’s worse, is that her sister’s higher-ups (i.e. Director Choi) ordered the use of human subjects. The reason Director Choi sent Song Jian on the mission is because she believed she wouldn’t reveal the atrocities that took place because it involved her sister.

What’s more painful for Song Jian is that after learning what her sister did, she still misses her which confuses matters. The video files reveal that her sister hoped that her research saved humanity and did not go to waste, despite the regret of using human subjects.

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