Renewed or Cancelled – Will there be a Cobra Kai Season 5?

December 31, 2021
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This article discusses whether there will be a Cobra Kai Season 5 and contains some spoilers for the fourth season.

As I mentioned in my (spoiler-free!) review of the fourth seasonCobra Kai has proved to be an extremely valuable acquisition for Netflix. In its latest and perhaps best season, the show delivers a near-perfect finale that not only rounds out several of the most pressing subplots and themes but also lays the highly promising groundwork for a subsequent season. Given how Netflix is liable to just cull shows at a moment’s notice, though, it’s worth asking the question:

Will there be a Cobra Kai Season 5?

Status: Renewed!

It should come as little surprise given how popular the show is, but Cobra Kai was already renewed for a fifth season back in August. Moreso than that, the season has already finished shooting, since it was filmed back to back with the fourth season. That, however, leaves the question of when it might release. Usually, the show releases each year, but given the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that the fifth season has already been wrapped up, there’s a better-than-average chance that it’ll release in mid-2022 rather than the end-of-year holiday season. That’d be great news for fans of the show who simply can’t wait to find out what happens after the tantalizing, brilliant fourth-season finale.

Speaking of which, if you’re curious, do read on for some spoilers around how the fourth season ends, and predictions about where the fifth season might go based on that.


So, at the end of the fourth season, Hawk emerged as the male All-Valley champion, beating Robby in the final, while Tory triumphed over Sam to become the first-ever female All-Valley champ. Since Cobra Kai ended the tournament with more points overall, she got the entire dojo the victory.

However, Tory later learned that Terry Silver paid off the referee in her match, and one of his bad calls prevented her from losing when she really should have. Cobra Kai Season 5 will inevitably deal with the ramifications of this discovery.

Speaking of Silver, he also pulled off a long con which landed Kreese behind bars for the assault of Raymond, aka Stingray, leaving Silver in complete control of Cobra Kai. Kreese promised payback, and knowing him he’ll get it, but quite how remains to be seen.

It won’t be with the help of Johnny Lawrence, who ended the season planning to go to Mexico in pursuit of Miguel, who had gone to look for his biological father. The fact Miguel’s father is apparently dangerous and doesn’t even know that Miguel exists will likely get him and Johnny in a lot of trouble.

And then there’s Daniel LaRusso, who might have reneged on his promise of shutting down Miyagi-Do in the event of a Cobra Kai victory, but is now more determined than ever to take Cobra Kai down for good with the help of Chozen.


We’ll be sure to update this post with more details about Cobra Kai Season 5 whenever they emerge.

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