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January 4, 2022
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Despite the kiss between Ung and Yeon-su really feeling like it was going to be the turning point of the series, it was arguably the tenth episode, “Hello, My Soul Mate”, that represented a point of no return for at least one of the charactersOur Beloved Summer season 1, episode 11 and 12 seem much more enticing prospects on the back of the latest episode, so here’s where we stand:

  • The love square between Ung, Yeon-su, NJ, and Ji-ung was developed further.
  • Ung and Yeon-su spent the night together, platonically, but were discovered by Ji-ung, leading them to part ways.
  • NJ and Ung went out on a “date” where he witnessed firsthand the perils of superstardom.
  • After having Ung around for a meal, Yeon-su confessed to her grandmother that she was the one who broke up with him, and also that she still has feelings for him.
  • Ung discovered Ji-ung’s supercut of Yeon-su footage, presumably exposing his crush — obsession? — with her.

Our Beloved Summer season 1, episodes 11 and 12 release date

Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 11 will be released on Netflix on January 10, 2022, and we don’t anticipate any changes in scheduling. Our Beloved Summer season 1, episode 12 will be released the day after.

Where to watch online

Our Beloved Summer is a Korean drama on Netflix and is available to stream on the platform (with a subscription). Viewers can watch the episode by tuning into the platform every Monday and Tuesday.

Predictions and preview

The drama is finally starting to intensify, so here are some things that may or may not happen in next week’s pair of episodes:

  • Will Yeon-su be as open with Ung as she was with her grandmother? Now she has admitted how she feels out loud, it’s probably the time.
  • But what will NJ and Ji-ung have to say about this? After his experiences with his mother, Ji-ung seems to have reached a point where he’s more willing to be up-front. But is whatever he’s going to say come at exactly the wrong time?
  • Now that Ung has seemingly discovered that Yeon-su is the object of Ji-ung’s affection, will he begin to see him as a rival? Is their relationship in jeopardy?

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