Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a season 2 of Archive 81?

January 13, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be season 2 of the Netflix horror series Archive 81 and its renewed or cancelled status.

According to this critic, Archive 81 “is the WTF series we have been waiting for!” Of course, critics and the viewing public are usually on very different pages. What Archive 81 has going for it is a championship horror-supernatural pedigree. Showrunner Rebecca Thomas has a resume that includes producing and directing Stranger Things. Producer Paul Harris Boardman wrote The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Of course, everyone loves a good scare from Saw director James Wan.

Based on the popular podcast with three seasons under its belt, Archive 81′s first season was released in January 2022 on Netflix. Many think this found-footage series is set up as an anthology for different characters and storylines every season. While it could certainly go that way at some point, all three podcast seasons follow the same, albeit crazy good storyline. 

You can theorize that there is plenty of material left for the team to make more seasons. So, the question remains, will there be a second season? Is this the streaming giant’s next big horror-supernatural hit? Or will it find its way into a quick cancellation?

Will there be a season 2 of Archive 81 on Netflixrenewed or canceled status

Status: TBC

Unlike HBO, which likes to announce early renewals immediately to gain viewership and buzz in freshman seasons, Netflix is known for keeping things close to the chest. While there is no word yet, the streaming network has a history of cutting the cord quickly. However, while Netflix has a reputation for cutting the cord on shows after its third season, they are willing to give their dramatic series at least a second season.

The fact of the matter is this genre has been an asset for Netflix. Look at their history with shows from the horror and supernatural genre. It looks promising. Locke & Key is getting a third season that streams at some point this year. The science-fiction drama Ratched premieres its second season in February. Not to mention, if you look at the upcoming lineup, they have heavily invested this year with horror content. Just look at the lineup in 2022: 1899, First Kill, Cabinet of Curiosities (from Guillermo del Toro), Resident Evil, and The Watcher, to name a few. 

These series are very popular, and historically, cost less than other shows. So, will Archive 81 be the next great science fiction/horror franchise like Stranger Things? Or will it find itself in renewal/cancelation purgatory-like 2021’s The One?

Prediction: Yes, Archive 81, with the team behind it and its unconventional storytelling will win a second season.

Check back for updates on Archive 81’s renewal or cancellations status!