Brazen ending explained – who is the serial killer?

January 14, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Brazen and will contain spoilers. 

The film beings with a suspicious person, possibly a hacker or IT genius watching erotic videos of dominatrix women. One woman, “Desire”, finishes a video and takes off her mask. 

Cut to a book reading, where Grace (Milano) is reading a passage from her novel, where a woman is murdered. After the reading Grace gets a phone call and rushes away to the airport. The next shot we have is Grace standing outside a house, when the door opens, there is an awkward encounter and Grace goes inside. 

It’s established that they are sisters who haven’t seen each other in a long time. We learn that Kathleen was a drug abuser and is now clean, wanting custody of her son. A small heated argument leads to Kathleen crying and confessing she is scared of her husband destroying her in court. 

We cut to a robbery in a local corner shop and we’re introduced to Ed, a detective who stops the robbery. The next day Grace is trying to write but keeps getting distracted by the loud man outside using a saw. It is Ed, who is, coincidentally, Kathleen’s neighbor.

The next scene is of the secretive, hidden character google mapping where Kathleen lives — creating a sense of uncertainty and suspicion.

We then go to Kathleen who is walking through the school where she works and there is a creepy guy in the corner watching her. Grace calls her to ask to borrow some clothes for her date with Ed. Back home Kathleen, alone, answers a phone call on her personal mobile and goes into a hidden room. 

Grace returns from her fantastic date to find her sister, Kathleen, dead. Grace runs outside back to Ed, crying. Ed rushes upstairs and confirms Kathleen has died. Ed then takes this case on as his own. 

Grace goes into the room, now a crime scene, and insists on knowing how her sister died. We are then walked through what happened to Kathleen, and there is a graphic struggle/fight scene and we see how Kathleen died. 

Cut to the detectives going to “Fantasy”, the company who Kathleen worked for as a webcam artist. The detectives ask for all clients and videos to establish suspects, other than Kathleen’s ex, who was instantly the first suspect as he wanted full custody of their son and was building a case against her. 

Grace goes into the school to collect Kathleen’s belongings and meets many of her students who give their condolences. One student stands out in particular, and Grace speaks to him outside of the school. This student confesses the janitor has a feud with Kathleen. The janitor turns out to be the creepy guy who was watching Kathleen in school before. Grace confronts him and he states that his cousin is the IT guy for fantasy and has access to all the videos and shows him. 

Grace goes straight to the police, and they go to confront the IT/Webcam guy who pleads his innocence. 

Ed and Grace argue about her becoming too involved in the case, Grace gives Ed a present of a box of teas, probably to keep him sweet. They almost embrace. There is a lot of tension building between these two characters.

We cut to a scene of another WebCam girl being murdered. 

In the next scene, Grace runs into Kathleen’s ex, who calls her a dead hooker, so Grace smacks him in the face and tells him not to come to the funeral. To which he replies, he has to as he’s the grieving husband. 

The funeral service is the next scene, where Grace gives a heartfelt service but is quick to talk about the case. In the next scene, Grace is offering her services to the police because she is good at profiling. Grace says she can get into the mind of a killer, which is why her books sell so well. Ed is clearly upset. Grace is given all access and is on the case. 

Grace conducts an interview with a student, which is short-lived. 

Netflix film Brazen ending explained

Quick cut to another woman being attacked, but this woman survives and is able to give a lot of detail about the attacker, saying that he was young, white, and was wearing a fancy gold watch. 

Ed and Grace embrace, all the sexual tension between them has been building to this sex scene. The following morning the two are called into a meeting about the case where Grace offers herself as bait to trigger the killer to come after her. 

The next scene is for all of you who have ever had a crush on a fantasy about Milano. Grace is dressed up, on a webcam, hoping to get the attention of the killer and draw him to her. 

The police thank her for her efforts and tell her to stop and let them do their jobs. The police go to arrest Gerald, the student from before, but he isn’t home. 

Cut back to Grace, at home alone, still in costume, waiting nervously as she hears someone downstairs. A man rushes upstairs and Grace and Gerald come face to face with one another. 

Gerald confesses his love for Kathleen and why he has to kill her alter ego. Grace was filming on the webcam the whole time, and Garland tried to kill her. Fighting in the bedroom, Grace has a gun that is flung from her hands, which she tries to grab. Ed comes rushing up the stairs and shoots Gerald. Ed grabs Grace as she says she’s okay. 

The ending of Brazen is Ed and Grace embracing on the couch. 

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1 thought on “Brazen ending explained – who is the serial killer?

  • May 19, 2022 at 5:06 am

    ahh where do I begin. Seems like ending was rushed. Good plot, predictable ending. Yes it was like one of her books , main characters, but nothing like real life eh? if only it was that easy.

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