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January 24, 2022
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In the latest episode of Euphoria, Rue made a decision that is obviously going to massively backfire, while Cal — somewhat unwittingly — was able to turn the tables on Nate. The sense of being at the top of a steep downward spiral was deeply felt in “Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys”, and it’ll doubtless be the same next week in Euphoria season 2, episode 4. Here’s where things stand:

  • We got some backstory about Cal, who continued to pursue the incriminating tape of him and Jules. When he confronted Fezco about it, though, he learned that Fez wasn’t even aware of it, and beat up Nate simply because he deserved it. As of now, Cal has no idea where the tape it. (Maddy has it.)
  • Rue continued to hide her relapse from everyone, including Elliot and Jules, who bonded a little in her absence.
  • Rue also went to Fezco’s drug connect with a business proposition that saw her leaving with $10K’s worth of drugs in a wheeled suitcase; she immediately began dipping into the supply.
  • We learned Cassie has been hooking up with Nate every week and the pressure of keeping it all a secret is weighing on her.

Euphoria season 2, episode 4 release date:

The latest episode is slated to air on Sunday, January 30, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Where to watch Euphoria online:

New episodes of Euphoria air on HBO every Sunday night, but to watch on live TV, you’ll need a cable package with the premium channel. Likewise, the only place to stream it is on HBO Max with a subscription. An ad-free plan costs $14.99 each month, while a subscription with ads will run you $9.99 each month. This subscription will let you stream new episodes “live”, as well as binge-watch the second season.

Predictions and preview:

Things are inevitably going to get much worse for everyone, so here are some ways in which they might:

  • There’s simply no way Rue is going to be able to pay back the money she owes. She was already threatened with “some real sick people”, so when she inevitably ticks the dealer off, how is that going to impact her, let alone Fezco’s business?
  • How is Cal going to handle the revelation that Fezco had nothing to do with the tape? He now knows that Nate was manipulating him into trying to handle the Fez problem, but he also doesn’t know where the tape is, so he’s going to have to be careful until he finds out.
  • If Nate gets back with Maddy, which one supposes he will, then that will likely send Cassie spiralling into revealing what she and Nate have been up to. You know what Nate’s like, though, so that’ll probably put Cassie at risk.

You’ll be able to watch Euphoria season 2, episode 4 exclusively on HBO.

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