In From the Cold season 1 – who is Chris Clark?

January 28, 2022
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This article, ”who is Chris Clark,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1.

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Who is Chris Clark in In From the Cold season 1?

Chris Clark is pretty much Chauncey’s righthand man as he supports Chauncey throughout the series as his tech support. Although not a lot is known about Chris’s past, it is revealed that he came to work with Chauncey after he was nearly imprisoned for being exposed as a hacker. He appears to be much more carefree than Jenny and Chauncey and could get described as the joker of the pack. Chris mentions his Mom on several occasions and seems to have a deep fondness for her.

Whilst he doesn’t appear to be well informed on all matters, as there are moments in which he doesn’t gain full knowledge, he doesn’t seem to mind, such as when Chauncey failed to tell him about the extent of Jenny’s special abilities. Chris could also get claimed as being materialistic, as, from his days as a hacker, he bought an expensive watch. And whilst he likes to save his own skin, he will also help those in desperate situations.

What does Chris Clark do? (spoilers)

Throughout much of In From the Cold, Chris provides tech support to both Chauncey and Jenny during their several missions. He provides much-needed intel for Jenny when she becomes trapped in a prison; being one of the reasons she can make a swift escape. He aids Chauncey on a trip to an apartment building in an attempt to gain a device. But it’s likely that Chris regretted going. As to ensure his and Chauncey’s safety, he had to hand over his much-beloved watch.

After Chris continues to help Chauncey and Jenny, he gets eventually arrested by Chief Inspector Ohana. With the risk of imprisonment, Chris quickly makes a plea deal. Although his cooperation means he is free to go, he does “attack” Chauncey as a way to help him escape from the CIA. Despite the dangers of doing so, Chris continues to help Chauncey and Jenny until “Gideon” is exposed and Chauncey, Jenny, and Becca are safe.

One month afterward, Chris videocalls Chauncey and Jenny and voices his new ambition of being a UPS IT guy.

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