Next Time On… Peacemaker season 1, episode 7 – “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”

February 3, 2022
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In the latest episode of Peacemaker, some big developments were made in the overarching plot, particularly in regards to the Butterflies and what they’re up to. Peacemaker season 1, episode 7, the penultimate episode titled “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”, has a lot to unpack, so let’s take account of where we are as of right now.

Peacemaker season 1, episode 6 recap:

  • We learned that the Butterfly inside Murn is a peaceful one trying to take down its former leader, the one previously inside Senator Goff. Harcourt and Economos had already figured out that Murn was a Butterfly and let Leota in on the secret.
  • Song’s uncle finagled Auggie’s release from jail and facilitated a warrant for Peacemaker’s arrest. When his trailer was raided, the police found the diary planted by Leota, and Goff escaped, turning Song and eventually the entire police department, including Fitz and Locke, into Butterflies.
  • We learned that the Butterflies have a “cow”, a unique one-of-a-kind organism that they milk for the amber fluid.
  • Auggie donned the White Dragon suit with help from his Klansmen and endeavored to kill Chris.
  • Chris’s diary made the news in the press conference held by Locke, and we learned that taking him down has become the top priority of law enforcement.

Peacemaker season 1, episode 7 release date:

“Stop Dragon My Heart Around” is slated for release on February 10, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific and 3:01 a.m. Eastern.

Where to watch Peacemaker online:

Peacemaker is available exclusively on HBO Max, which requires a subscription.

Preview and predictions for “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”:

  • One assumes that the team will go after the Butterflies’ so-called “cow”, while the police and Auggie continue to look for Peacemaker.
  • Will Leota confess to planting the diary? She is already expressing concerns about having betrayed Chris, but there’s always her mother to consider.
  • What kind of creature is this cow going to be?
  • Is the Butterfly inside Murn telling the truth? We’re being led to believe so, which makes me suspicious.
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