Looop Lapeta ending explained – three timelines with a probable fourth

February 5, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Looop Lapeta and will contain spoilers. 

An official remake of the German experimental film Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer, Looop Lapeta becomes totally honest with the narrative structure of its source material. The film is divided into three scenarios wherein in every scenario the fate of the characters changes with the slightest of change of the action of the pivotal character, Savi.

Netflix film Looop Lapeta ending explained

1st Scenario

At the beginning of the first scenario, we come to know about the misadventure of Satya, who lost 5 million cash of his boss’s money in confusion on a bus journey. He called his girlfriend Savi to help him in this situation. To help Satya, Savi tried her best to arrange the money from her father. On the way to her father’s gym, she encountered various people on her run, with each of them creating an obstacle in her path. For example, she met with a heartbroken taxi driver, who refused to take Savi to her destination. So, an enraging Savi breaks the glass of his taxi. One policeman saw this and chased her to arrest. But, she escaped and reached her father’s gym. With a heated altercation, her father refused to give her money.

At this point, we come to know about the other characters in this mess. The two sons of Shree Mamlesh Charan Chaddahji, Appu and Gappu, planned to rob their father’s jewelry store to take revenge for their mistreatment. Ironically, Satya also planned to rob this store to get the money on time as Savi failed to arrange it. Both the two brothers and Satya went to rob the store and with a hilarious Mexican standoff between Satya, Chaddahji (who later revealed to have a gun), and the two sons. Satya became successful to rob the bank with the help of Savi. But, Chaddahji caught them in a dark alleyway and shoots Satya to death.

2nd Scenario

In the second scenario, the story starts where it begins. But this time, some changes in Savi’s actions changed the course of events. The fate of the characters, whom she encountered on her run also got changed. Such as the fate of the taxi driver, who gets totally shattered when Savi told her lover to get married to someone over him when she met her (the taxi driver’s lover, Julia). Also, in this scenario, Satya did not go to rob the jewelry store as he accidentally gave his gun to the two brothers (Appu and Gappu), and they went to rob the store. Eventually, Savi arrived at the scene and got the idea of robbing the two brothers when they came back from looting. They did that. But tragedy struck here too. The heartbroken taxi driver, Jacob, recognized Savi and enraged her for her advice to Julia to leave him. He shot Satya in rage and he died again.

3rd Scenario

In the third scenario, the story starts again from the beginning. But this time, Savi learned from her past mistakes. First, she parleyed with her father over their past complications. Then, she found the heartbroken taxi driver, Jacob. She instructed him to drive to the wedding place of Julia and got her. Eventually, they reached there and Jacob fled with Julia, while Savi dressed in the wedding dress and came to the hall. But she also ran away from there stealing the wedding present’s money. She ended up being at a casino. She bet all the money and won.

Meanwhile, Satya went to rob the jewelry store but Chaddahji recognizes him from the ring once he bought from the store. But instead of calling the police, he made a deal with Satya that he took his share of 5 million and left the rest so that he could get his insurance money and become richer with that. While this plan got executed, Appu and Gappu planned a phoney kidnapping where Appu pretended to get kidnapped and demanded a ransom for his release. They came to the store and threatened Chaddahji. Chaddahji tried to get back his money from Satya by holding him at gunpoint. But the twist comes as Satya emptied his gun earlier and with knowing that another gun (Appu and Gappu’s) is fake, Satya got the money by holding them at his gunpoint. Coming out of the store, Satya joined Savi, who proposed to him for marrying. She also revealed to him about her pregnancy and the two got along with each other. Meanwhile, they met Victor on the street and Satya handled the money.

Is there a fourth scenario?

While we headed towards a happy ending, another twist comes on our way as Satya spotted the man, who got the original bag containing the money in the first place (which Victor asked Satya to bring over). He chased the man but things go into slow motion. This perhaps indicates a possible fourth timeline of all this hectic run of Savi for money and to save her boyfriend. So, she breaks the fourth wall and speaks, “Not again.”

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