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February 7, 2022
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The latest episode of Euphoria featured a masterclass performance from Zendaya, as Rue’s relapse became common knowledge, sending her on a frantic spiral into withdrawal. In the process she ostracised virtually everyone close to her while also probably putting herself in mortal peril. Ahead of Euphoria season 2, episode 6, which will have a lot to unpack, here’s where everything currently stands:

Euphoria season 2, episode 5 recap:

  • Jules and Elliot told Rue’s mother about her relapse. In response, she found and flushed away Rue’s suitcase full of Laurie’s drugs.
  • This perceived betrayal, the danger the loss of the drugs represents, and a hastening slide into withdrawal sent Rue spiraling, and after escaping on her way to rehab, she made a number of stop-offs that’ll doubtlessly have ramifications as we move on.
  • For one thing, Rue outed Cassie’s relationship with Nate, committed a burglary, and tried to take Fez’s grandmother’s medication.
  • Rue eventually made her way to Laurie’s crazy apartment, where she was “kindly” given an intravenous dose of morphine.

Euphoria season 2, episode 6 release date:

The latest episode is slated to air on Sunday, February 13, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Where to watch Euphoria online:

New episodes of Euphoria air on HBO every Sunday night, but to watch on live TV, you’ll need a cable package with the premium channel. Likewise, the only place to stream it is on HBO Max with a subscription. An ad-free plan costs $14.99 each month, while a subscription with ads will run you $9.99 each month. This subscription will let you stream new episodes “live”, as well as binge-watch the second season.

Preview and predictions:

  • There are theories floating around that Rue is probably going to die this season, and I think there’s a lot of compelling evidence for that. The predicament she’s in with Laurie, particularly, suggests there is much more danger in her immediate future.
  • Now that Cassie’s secret is out, there’s going to be hell to pay.
  • I dread to think what the repercussions of Rue being injected by that needle are going to be, but you can bet there are going to be some.

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