Inventing Anna season 1 – are the characters all based on real people?

February 11, 2022
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This article, ”Are the characters all based on real people,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1. 

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Inventing Anna is the latest limited series from Netflix. And as it follows the real-life story of Anna Delvey, it should be a no-brainer that the characters are all based on real-life people. Right? Not exactly! Inventing Anna promotes itself as being “completely true except for the parts that are completely made up”, so are all of the characters completely made up as well?

Inventing Anna season 1 – are the characters all based on real people?

Well, some of the characters are based entirely on real people, but others are created purely for the show. Obviously, Anna Delvey is based on a real person. Her story of conning the elite in New York and her subsequent trial was widely reported and, clearly, provides the show with much of Inventing Anna’s source material. Actress Julia Garner even paid a visit to the real Anna Delvey to prepare for the role.

In contrast, the lead character Vivian is a fictional character. Interestingly, though, she is based somewhat on Jessica Pressler. Jessica Pressler is a journalist who wrote the article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”. And she’s a very successful journalist, to say the least. Not only did she write the expose on Anna, but she also wrote the article “The Hustlers at Scores”, which was the basis for the film Hustlers (2019) starring Jennifer Lopez. 

Other characters such as Todd Spodek, Rachel DeLoache Williams, Neff Davis, and Kacy Duke are based entirely on real-life people. (If you’re interested enough, you’ll be able to find them on Instagram), whilst characters such as Chase Sikorski and Talia Mallay are not based on real-life individuals. Instead, they get built on from unnamed individuals from Pressler’s article on Anna.

So there you have it! Much of the story is true (except for the parts completely made up), with Anna, Todd, Neff, and Kacey being the major key characters that remain almost identical to their real-life counterparts.

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