Inventing Anna season 1 – does Anna end up in jail?

February 11, 2022
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This article, ”does Anna end up in jail,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1. 

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In the mini-series Inventing Anna, the entire story surrounds Anna Sorokin and her trial for seemingly defrauding wealthy individuals, banks, and hotels whilst pretending a be a wealthy heiress called Anna Delvey between 2013 and 2017. In reality, Anna was a Russian-born German. Furthermore, she had no wealthy family to support her lavish spending and long stays within 5* hotels.

As time went on, several banks, hotels, and “friends” began to suspect that there was something amiss with Anna. And then, after a sting operation, with help from Rachel DeLoache Williams, Anna is finally arrested for her crimes. A lengthy trial follows, and as the media attention continues to grow, many wonder whether Anna will be found guilty. And if so, how long she will get in prison.

Does Anna end up in jail in Inventing Anna season 1?

After living lavishly, staying in 5* hotels that she couldn’t afford, and leaving Rachel DeLoache Williams with a $62,000 bill, did Anna go to jail? Yes! 

Finally, at the end of the trial, Anna was found guilty on eight out of ten counts. Those charges include theft of service, attempted grand larceny and grand larceny in the second degree. As for the two charges that she was found not guilty of, there were larceny in the second degree and attempted grand larceny in the first attempt. The larceny in the second degree relates to the $62,000 bill in Morocco left to Rachel DeLoache Williams. Whilst the attempted grand larceny in the first attempt relates to City National Bank.

Therefore, as a result, Anna received 4-12 years in Bedford Hills. Additionally, Anna got told to pay $199,000 to her in restitution whilst she also received a fine of $24,000. On the 11th of February 2021, after serving less than two years of her sentence, Anna was released from prison. However, just over a month later, Anna was taken into custody by ICE for overstaying her visa. And she currently still awaits deportation to Germany. In a further twist, Anna says she is appealing her criminal conviction to clear her name. Maybe the story of Anna Delvey isn’t over just yet.

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