Inventing Anna season 1 – who is Neff Davis?

February 11, 2022
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This article, “who is Neff Davis” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1.

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Who is Neff Davis in Inventing Anna season 1?

Neff Davis is a struggling film director who first meets Anna whilst working as a waitress at a hotel that Anna is staying in. They form a friendship after Neff notices that Anna has got unwanted attention; and, therefore, alerts Anna to a “phone call” from her mother. Within time, Neff is one of Anna’s closest friends.

Unlike Rachel, Neff doesn’t turn her back on Anna and supports her throughout the highly publicised trial, even still referring to Anna as a friend. Despite that, Neff does not initially visit Anna in prison. Instead, she waits until much later in the trial to pay a visit to Anna. In contrast to her high opinion of Anna, Neff is not a fan of Rachel. She accuses her of being a fake friend and states that she is to blame for the $62,000 bill from Morocco. It could be said that during Inventing Anna, Neff was Anna’s only true friend. Vivian even concludes that Anna only stayed at the hotel for so long because Neff worked there.

What does Neff Davis do?

Whilst initially enjoying the high life with Anna and with little worry, Neff begins to speculate whether Anna is who she appears to be. Her worries intensify after dinner at a high-cost restaurant when Anna’s unable to pay for the meal. As a result, Neff uses her savings to front the bill.

As Neff still works at the hotel that she met Anna at, Neff becomes aware that Anna has not paid the bill for her hotel room. When Anna finally pays the hotel bill, Neff feels guilty for questioning her. Whilst a bit of tension remains, the friendship continues with Anna telling Neff to be better than her job at the hotel. Once Anna’s life as a fake heiress gets exposed, Neff defends Anna and helps Vivian develop a positive spin on Anna’s actions in New York. During Anna’s trial, Neff creates an Instagram account to showcase Anna’s style during the trial. This, in turn, creates a buzz that was lacking in the early stages of the trial.

Ultimately, Neff moves on from the likes of Rachel and Kacy and moves to LA to try and make a career for herself in the film industry.

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