Love is Blind season 2 review – the pods returning with entertaining guests

By Jordan Lyon
Published: February 11, 2022 (Last updated: September 22, 2023)
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Netflix reality series Love is Blind season 2


Although the contestants are entertaining, and there’s tons of drama, the recent release of Love is Blind: Japan just days prior may make the audience tired of the otherwise winning format. 

This review of the Netflix reality series Love is Blind season 2 does not contain any spoilers.

With just three days since Love is Blind: Japan got released, Love is Blind season 2 is on our screens! Even for those of us who are reality tv mad, it’s a bit much to release them so close together. And Love is Blind: Japan hasn’t even finished yet (its final episode airs on the 22nd of February). Regardless, there will still be plenty that will lap up season 2. And why shouldn’t they, it has plenty to enjoy.

Whilst it’s been close to two years since the American version of Love is Blind originally aired, there have been a couple of spin-offs. And it’s as though the show has never really been off the screen. Similar to the Japanese version just released, the first five episodes will be released first, with further episodes airing until the tenth (and final) episode on February 25th. 

A major plus to Season 2 is the contestants. They have more spark and jump straight into the format a lot quicker. The episodes have a faster flow, and therefore, provide a spark missing from the spin-offs. From the get-go, there will be contestants that you’ll hate, love, and become very infuriated by. And, of course, there’ll be couples that you’ll be rooting for. 

As for the format, nothing much changes, with the pods taking center focus in the early episodes. Even though there have been plenty of versions of Love is Blind, if you haven’t seen any of the other versions, season 2 will remain fresh, weird, and edgy with a different spin to other reality shows such as Married at First Sight and The Bachelor. The pods are the highlight of Love is Blind Season 2but the emotion and relationship drama between the contestants will keep the audience watching. 

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