The Sky is Everywhere ending explained – will Lennie get over her grief?

February 11, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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This article discusses the ending of the Apple TV+ film The Sky is Everywhere and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller calls The Sky is EverywhereAn endlessly creative and breathtaking visual poem of grief.”

The Sky is Everywhere focuses on Lennie Walker (Man with a Plan’s Grace Kaufman), a beautiful, grief-stricken musical prodigy. She lost her best friend, her older sister Bailey (No Exit’s Havana Rose Liu), to a fatal cardiac arrhythmia. She lives in a magical place. She was living in lush greenery. She is protected and hidden by living with her grandmother by a canopy of giant redwood trees and piles of beautiful rose bushes.

Lennie also lost her parents. Her mother’s last husband, a pot-smoking insect expert named Big (Jason Segal), allowed his late wife’s mother, Gram (Cherry Jones), to look after them. Lennie keeps constant reminders of her sister around her, but to Gram’s dismay, they all live under one roof. They are all going through their individual and shared grief.

Lennie is at a crossroads. She forms an emotional bond with Toby (A Most Violent Year’s Pico Alexander), Baily’s boyfriend. She also happens to find true love with Joe (Jacques Colimon), a young man who shares Lennie’s love for the flute. They fall for each other, but Lennie can’t stop a pull, probably the need to be close to her passed-on sister, to Toby and kisses him in front of Joe.

Apple TV+ original film The Sky is Everywhere ending explained

Of course, Joe cannot comprehend what Lennie is going through. All he sees is his love kiss the guy who is constantly mulching the rose bushes. The film’s final act is Lennie trying to win Joe back by picking him a bouquet of roses they laid on together while listening to Bach on their earbuds. Nothing seems to work, and she gets Big to set up a hot air balloon ride, signifying their relationship has always felt like a love that has been effortless and floating through the air.

When Joe doesn’t show up initially, Big and Lennie start to ascend; Joe shows up and jumps from the car. Joe leaps for the basket, hangs there for a few feet, and is pulled to safety.

Finally, both have started to heal and are willing to be open to love and happiness.

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