Next Time On… Euphoria season 2, episode 7 – “The Theatre and It’s Double”

February 14, 2022
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Next Time On... Euphoria season 2, episode 7 - "The Theatre and It's Double"

After last week’s episode of Euphoria focused almost exclusively on Rue as she rapidly spiraled into madness after the reveal of her relapse, this week’s finds her having hit rock bottom and widens its focus a little to check in on the other characters, several of whom are affected by Rue’s frantic outbursts. Euphoria season 2, episode 7, titled “The Theatre and It’s Double”, will presumably continue to develop some of the following developments:

  • Rue battled her way through withdrawal with the help of her mother and some medication, but she’s a long way from sober. Despite being able to apologize to Ali, who cooked her family dinner, it looks like Rue won’t be able to get a place at a rehab facility.
  • Nate, due to inherit Cal’s business, went to retrieve his dad’s illegal sex tape from Maddy (who still isn’t talking to him) and employed some psychopathic techniques to acquire it. He then gave it to Jules and invited Cassie to stay with him.
  • Kat feigned a terminal brain disease to break up with Ethan and then accused him of gaslighting her for pointing out that she was obviously lying.
  • Fez and Lexi continued to bond, but Mouse’s murder continues to be investigated, so things don’t look good for him.

Euphoria season 2, episode 7 release date:

The latest episode is slated to air on Sunday, February 20, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Where to watch Euphoria online:

New episodes of Euphoria air on HBO every Sunday night, but to watch on live TV, you’ll need a cable package with the premium channel. Likewise, the only place to stream it is on HBO Max with a subscription. An ad-free plan costs $14.99 each month, while a subscription with ads will run you $9.99 each month. This subscription will let you stream new episodes “live”, as well as binge-watch the second season.

Preview and predictions for “The Theatre and It’s Double”:

Now that Rue has reached her lowest point, will the remaining episodes of the season be all about her healing and recovery? Hahaha, yeah sure. Some predictions:

  • Rue’s inability to get a rehab spot doesn’t bode well for her recovery, and neither does her debt to Laurie, who is likely to enable her.
  • What is Jules going to do with the tape? The smart money would be on destroying it, but her watching it implies she has other plans. Is she going to try and ruin Nate and Cal?
  • Fez is surely going to be arrested just as he continues to bond with Lexi. Will he go on the run? Suicide by cop? He doesn’t seem the type to go quietly.

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