Renewed or Cancelled – Will there be an 1883 season 2?

February 19, 2022
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With 1883 due to end in a couple of weeks, and Montana no closer to having been settled by the Dutton family, it’s inevitable that fans of Taylor Sheridan’s macho multiverse are going to be wondering about the potential of 1883 Season 2, not to mention any more tie-in shows that might do numbers for Paramount, formerly Paramount +, as it bolsters its ranks in the ongoing Streaming Wars. Well, wonder no longer.

Renewed or cancelled status – Will there be an 1883 Season 2?

Status: Renewed!

Of course there will! During its investor day, Viacom CBS announced not only a renewal of 1883, but also the ordering of 1932, another prequel series continuing the story of the Duttons closer to the present-day shenanigans chronicled in Yellowstone. And you don’t need a media professional like me to tell you that, given the titling trend here, there are plenty of years in between the new shows – and in between 1932 and Yellowstone – that can be turned into seasons of television. The future looks bright.

Maybe the big question is whether a second season of 1883 will be called 1884 or some such. This generation of the Dutton family, led by John Dutton’s great-grandfather James and focusing mostly on his daughter Elsa, seem to have plenty more storytelling mileage in them. If 1932 shifts focus to John’s grandfather, James’s son, as he himself comes of age in a partially settled Montana, then there is plenty to be done in the meantime to show how the family gets to that point.

The fact we already know the Duttons find massive success in Montana doesn’t necessarily take anything away from these prequels, so all we really know is that the family name and line survive in some form. Elsa could quite easily be killed off, for instance, and John could be the focal point from there. And, needless to say, with James and his wife Margaret having already produced their offspring, their survival isn’t necessary for any of these shows to continue.

Either way, given the extraordinary popularity of this universe and the need for Paramount to develop big brands to compete with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can expect all three of these shows to continue for at least the next few years. You can expect Yellowstone later in 2022, and presumably both the premiere of 1932 and the second season of 1883 in 2023. That’s a lot of numbers, isn’t it?

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