The best SMART TVs on the market today

February 24, 2022
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It’s true, video really did kill the radio star. Fortunately, no one appears that bothered about it nowadays. With thousands of movies, TV series, and streaming options available, we are a species of screen-loving Sapiens. What’s more, since their introduction in 1927, TVs have come a long way from the black and white boxes they once resembled and now they are a common piece of furniture in most households across the world.

TVs are becoming smarter by the day, we’ve seen CEEFAX replaced by the BBC Red Button and other guides, DVD players become redundant and remote controls becoming smaller and in some instances, completely disappear! This guide looks at the current and best smart TVs on the market today.

So, what are the best smart TVs?

When choosing your family TV, it is important to think about the variables of your home. Is it likely there will be children running around, and would you need to install a wall mount? Or perhaps you’ve got a small space, but you don’t want to compromise on visual quality. Find the best models below:

Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV

Sports fans, hold onto your pie and pints for this one. Samsung really knows what they’re doing with this 8K, yes 8, TV watching experience – capture your team in live-real-time with one of the best displays, entering the new era of television technology. 

With genuinely spectacular picture quality, exceptional colour and brightness, terrific sound, and outstanding blacks, it marks a significant evolution for the QLED series, packing in the new Mini LED backlights used in Samsung’s new ‘Neo QLED’ range. These start from £4,499 – but boy are they worth it. 

Sony A90J OLED

If you’re a bit of a movie buff, and you’re willing to spend a little extra for the best TV out there, then the Sony A90J OLED is really going to knock your socks off. Run by Google’s TV operating system, this streamlined screen also boasts impeccable sound quality that uses two conventional bass drivers. The Sony A90J has possibly the best 4K screen quality available on the market today. A must. 

If you’re not looking to break the bank, find a cheap smart TV

Panasonic HX800

Starting at £449, this model is one of the best cheap smart TVs on the market today. Boasting three HDMI ports (for avid gamers), multi-HDR support and filmic HCX image processing – this smart TV comes as 40-inch, 50-inch, 58-inch or 65-inch.

Hisense U6G TV

This entry-level model has certainly turned heads in the tech world – this 4K smart TV comes in 50 to 75 inches and is well within budget, starting at £329. This all-rounder is great for streaming TV and films, watching sports and enjoying your favourite media in great quality!

TCL 5-Series 2020 QLED TV

The TCL 5 Series is an excellent choice for watching HDR movies because of its incredible contrast and homogeneity, it produces deep and uniform blacks. This model is a budget-friendly smart TV, starting at £269 and ranging from a 43 inch to a 75 inch sized screen, so it’s really down to you and your budget with this model. The TCL model comes with the ROKU platform built-in for easy streaming. 

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