Vikings: Valhalla season 1 – does Leif seek justice for Freydis?

February 25, 2022
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This article, ”does Leif seek justice for Freydis,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla season 1. 

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In the first episode of Vikings: Valhalla, it soon becomes clear that Leif and Freydis have unfinished business with an unknown individual. But why? As we soon learn, a Christian Viking not only raped Freydis but branded her on the back with a cross. Freydis is desperate to seek vengeance, and her brother, Leif, is more than happy to help her.

But will they be able to track down the person responsible? And if they do, will they face any consequences? In a series driven by emotions of revenge, it shouldn’t be ruled out that Leif and Freydis have to pay the ultimate price.

Does Leif seek justice for Freydís in Vikings: Valhalla season 1?

Upon finding the man responsible for raping Freydis, it isn’t Leif who seeks justice, it’s Freydis herself. With a little help from Leif, who distracts the Vikings, Freydis sneaks up on “Christian” and stabs a cross into his chest, killing him within seconds.

It’s a horrific scene, and Olaf wants to kill Freydis on sight. However, as he is in Haakan’s house, it’s up to her to decide what the outcome will be. Instead of killing Freydis, Haakan decides to pass judgment in the morning. As Leif and Freydis await their trial, Leif believes that it will be Haakan’s best (yet unfortunate) interest to have him and Freydis killed. When the trial arrives, Freydis suggests “trial by combat” with Olaf. That suggestion gets refused, and instead, Harald suggests that Leif pledges his service to the upcoming Viking battle.

The gods work in Freydis and Leif’s favor, as Leif plays a major part in the Viking’s success during the battle. During the dinner celebrations, King Canute declares that Leif’s success means that Freydis’s debts are paid. Therefore, Freydis and Leif no longer face any consequences for the justice they sought.

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