Renewed or Cancelled – Will there be a Euphoria Season 3?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 26, 2022
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Renewed or Cancelled - Will there be a Euphoria Season 3?

The second season of Euphoria has terrified parents, delighted critics, and captured the imagination of audiences pretty reliably each week, and with the finale slated for release on February 27, 2022, the show’s legion of fans are doubtlessly going to be looking to the future. While nobody expects Euphoria to run forever, there are still some miles left in the tank, so what are the chances of Euphoria Season 3? Here’s everything we know.

Renewed or canceled status – Will there be a Euphoria Season 3?

Status: Renewed!

Coming as a surprise to precisely nobody given the show’s enormous following, social media power, and critical reception, HBO has already greenlit a third season. From HBO’s Executive Vice President of programming, Francesca Orsi: “Sam, Zendaya, and the entire cast and crew of Euphoria have taken Season 2 to extraordinary heights, challenging narrative convention and form, while maintaining its heart. We couldn’t be more honored to work with this gifted, wildly talented team or more excited to continue our journey with them into Season 3.”

What is Euphoria about?

Sam Levinson’s Euphoria is a teen drama adapted from a same-named Israeli series, following a group of largely well-to-do high school students as they navigate the usual medley of drugs, sex, friendships, identity, and the looming future. Framed mostly in the perspective of Rue (Zendaya), a teenage drug addict who narrates the show and whose behavior frequently challenges its tone and even form, it differs from most teen dramas by being utterly unflinching – and frequently adult – in its depiction of high school life and social dynamics.

Euphoria Season 3 cast – Who will be in it?

Given the nature of teen dramas, virtually every character in the show is on a time limit. Nobody wants to watch actors deep in their 30s playing teenagers, however youthful-looking they might be. And then there’s the matter that several characters are absolutely key to the show’s narrative, and it wouldn’t work without them. This includes Zendaya’s Rue, and arguably Hunter Schafer’s Jules. A lot of the high school drama revolves around Nate (Jacob Elordi), Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), Lexi (Maude Apatow), and Maddy (Alexa Demie), and none of those characters seems to be in imminent danger, but Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) is currently AWOL, and fan-favorites Fezco (Angus Cloud) and Ashtray (Javon Walton) may or may not be around for a third season depending on what happens in the Season 2 finale.

You’ll be able to stream the Euphoria Season 2 finale on HBO and HBO Max

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