Pieces Of Her season 1 – who is most responsible for Martin Queller’s murder?

March 4, 2022
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This article, “who is most responsible for Martin Queller’s murder” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Pieces Of Her season 1.

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The death of billionaire Martin Queller is fundamental to the story of Pieces Of Her, with the results of his murder having long-lasting effects on the cast all the way into the modern-day timeline. This assassination is at the epicenter of this entire series and essential to all that would follow. The filmmakers reveal the death early on and his killer, yet they keep the true architect of this murder a secret until the very end. So, who is most responsible for the murder of Martin Queller?

Who is most responsible for Martin Queller’s murder in Pieces Of Her season 1?

Let’s start with the heinous act itself. The corrupt business magnate, Martin Queller, is a guest speaker at the 1988 Oslo International Economic Forum. A vigilante group, spearheaded by anarchist Nick Harp, has been plotting a protest at this filmed event for months now. Their plan is to trigger a squib that will cover the pharmaceutical tycoon in blood. Their objective is to scare the man by implying that he literally has blood on his hands, hoping he’ll resign. Nick is the orchestrator of the scheme and he sits nervously in the audience, awaiting the outcome. His gang kidnapped the actual panel guest (Alex Maplecroft) and chose Grace Juno to impersonate her. She will detonate the device on stage.

Suspect number one in the case, Grace Juno, was hired by Nick because of her unwavering hatred of Martin Queller. Grace’s husband was on a dangerously high dosage of Queller’s drugs and subsequently shot his three children and then himself, whilst heavily medicated. Grace blames Martin Queller entirely for the death of her family. She desperately tried to contact Quell Corp before the massacre but was ignored. Her fury towards Queller is palpable, she wanted Martin to pay and clearly achieve her goal. She broke from the plan and shot Martin dead, before turning the gun on herself. There is no denying that Grace was Martin Queller’s killer, it is evident in the footage, but was she forced or influenced into this action?

Many point to Nick Harp as the puppet master, stating that this was actually his intention all along. The cult leader denies this and his expression in the auditorium is of pure shock, which could indicate his innocence. Others question Jasper Queller, who was set to inherit his father’s fortune if Martin was to, unfortunately, pass away. Yet the true culprit is only revealed in the final episode. In a critical scene, Grace Juno sits anxiously at a bar and is then joined by Jane Queller. Jane talks negatively about her father, saying that he drugged her and she worries that no one will ever stop him. She passes Grace a duplicate handbag with the loaded weapon hidden inside. Jane manipulates Grace into pulling that trigger and thus assassinating Martin.

Grace Juno killed Martin Queller but it was Jane who gave her the final push to go through with the killing. Although, Nick hired Grace Juno and in many ways created the entire situation that resulted in Martin’s murder. Each member has their reasons, but who is the most responsible? I would have to say that Jane is the ultimate instigator. She had her motives and literally placed the gun in Grace’s hands. Poor Grace Juno was just a puppet in the whole affair and was emotionally unstable at the time. Jane changed the plan and coerced Grace into doing her bidding. In the end, it was a dastardly and effective plan to kill a monster of a man. He sure deserved his comeuppance, but it would undoubtedly ruin more lives in the long term.

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