Pieces Of Her season 1 – who is Nick Harp?

March 4, 2022
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This article, “who is Nick Harp” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Pieces Of Her season 1. 

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Pieces Of Her doesn’t advertise its espionage credentials from the off, the spy thriller antics come a little later in the game, mainly in double crossings, hidden identities and frantic chase scenes. Although it is in vivid eighties flashbacks where the genre is perfectly encapsulated. Nick Harp is an essential player in these thrilling flashbacks and someone who may just make an appearance in the modern-day as well.

Who is Nick Harp in Pieces Of Her season 1?

Played by British actor Joe Dempsie (Skins, Game Of Thrones), this bearded anarchist is another aloof member of the team. He is Jane Queller’s lover and the leader of a vigilante, cult group. His schemes lead to the assassination of Martin Queller, which later forces Jane into the Witness Protection Program. He yearns for revolution, but his actions have deadly consequences. This is a man desperate for change at any cost.

Nick is introduced to the Queller family by his friend Andrew Queller (Martin’s son). Andrew is another naïve rebel with a revolution on his mind. These two want to bring about real change and form a resistance army. They blow up laboratories and plan to protest at a forum where Queller is a guest speaker. Their plans to scare Martin Queller inadvertently end in his death. The gang are forced to a life on the run and many members are killed in the process. Andrew is one of the fatalities, which provokes Jane into confessing to the police and changing her identity.

Jane and Nick’s relationship is a tragic love affair, one spawned on by electrifying peril. Jane sees Nick as a way out of her controlling father’s life. She desires the risky, exhilarating life that Nick is living and wants to be a part of it. They fall madly in love and Jane even breaks her own hand to escape a tour in Europe with her father to be with Nick instead. The lovers go into hiding together after Martin’s murder, but they soon disagree and Nick shows his true colors. He is violent and attacks a now pregnant Jane. She leaves him, but their relationship is far from over.

Nick becomes a fugitive thanks to Jane and her confession. He is blamed for Martin’s death and wanted by the FBI. From that day forward, he lives on the run, vengeful of the woman who scorned him. Whilst in hiding, Nick visits his daughter Andrea (Andy is named in honor of Andrew). You can see a somewhat sweeter side to the man, but he also uses this loving moment to question Andy on her mother’s whereabouts. He’s blinded by this revenge and spurred on by blackmail. Jane has a videotape that Nick wishes to destroy.

In the modern-day, Nick reunites with his daughter and soon his wife too. The three tussles over this incriminating tape and the police finally capture the wanted man. Nick is incarcerated after a life on the run, bringing an unfortunate end to his relentless mission. The anarchist led quite a pitiful existence, driven by revenge and accomplishing very little of his earlier goals. The enigmatic fugitive exits the piece as just another greedy criminal and a foolish pawn in the wealthy elite’s master plan.

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