Pieces Of Her season 1 – will Andy and Laura live happily ever after?

March 4, 2022
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This article, “Will Andy and Laura live happily ever after” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Pieces Of Her season 1.

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The mother and daughter combo of Andy and Laura is the bedrock of this series and they go through an unimaginably torrid time over the course of the eight episode season. There are attacks, torture, death threats, and a whole host of emotional turmoil for Andy and Laura to endure, but in the end, do they live happily ever after?

Will Andy and Laura live happily ever after in Pieces Of Her season 1?

In the finale, Andy and Laura meet with Nick Harp at their daughter’s childhood home. Nick is arrested and Laura is finally free of his psychological hold over her. For decades he had been living in the shadows, lurking, ready to attack. The strain this mental torture must have had on Laura is inconceivable, but she was a strong woman, protective of her daughter and she persevered. You’d think this outcome would make Laura the happiest person in the world, you’d be wrong.

Laura struggles to readjust to normal life in Belle Isle, as does Andy. In one scene she throws out all her clothes, eager for a fresh start. However, there is hope here too. She goes piano shopping and plays the instrument for the first time in years. It’s an emotional scene that offers some resolution to her character. In the final moments, Andy realises that Laura was the instigator in Martin Queller’s murder. Naively she discusses this revelation with her boyfriend over the phone and Jasper Queller overhears this integral piece of information.

Jasper uses this new information to blackmail his sister Laura. He phones her up and teases retribution. In the past, Laura would have just ran and the filmmakers strongly hint at this inevitability. Yet, Laura surprises us all and instead, disappears to the beach. Andy joins her in the end scene, the two staring out into the ocean content with their futures. This ending implies that Laura has accepted her fate, she will face the consequences head on. She is done with running, she is done with the fake identities. This may be a bittersweet ending for Laura, but it alludes to happiness of some sort. The mother is happy to be alive knowing her daughter is safe and Nick is behind bars.

Andy herself struggles with a return to normal life, telling her love interest (Michael Vargas) to be patient when he asks her out on a date. She has started drawing again though, which is a promising sign. It’s clear this is her major passion and may be her next career path. Andy worries about her mother and they attempt to discuss the fallout of the never-ending lies and Laura’s shady past. It seems impossible to verbalise these emotions and in that end scene, the two just sit in silence side by side. Andy will be fine, she is young and strong-willed. She has transformed over the series, becoming the individual she aspired to be and her prospects are now boundless. On the whole, it’s quite a happy ending considering.

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