The Adam Project ending explained – can Adam Reed and Adam Reed save the future?

March 11, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Adam Project so will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller called The Adam Project “While mildly entertaining, The Adam Project is a glossy amalgamation of much better action-adventure fare.”

Ryan Reynolds wants to destroy time travel. Hold on. We will get back to that in a minute. The Adam Project starts with your typical Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds), trying to outmaneuver someone set on blowing him up in outer space. Maya (Catherine Keener) destroys Adam, the woman taunting him. Why? Because Adam is trying to save the world’s future by going back into his past. To do that, he will blow up Martha’s electromagnetic accelerator. This way, Martha, hell-bent on destroying human existence, won’t get the chance. The accelerator location is at her Sorian headquarters.

Adam takes a wormhole to escape Martha in 2050 to travel back to his home in 2022. He meets his twelve-year-old self (played by a newcomer (Walker Scobell). After some shenanigans with their mother (Jennifer Garner) and old Adam’s squeeze Laura (Zoe Saldaña), they time travel, again! Two years before, Adam’s father, Louis (Mark Ruffalo), was killed in a car accident. They head to Sorian, where Martha has used Louis’s ISCA (Infinitely Shifting Plasma Containing Algorithm) to stabilize wormholes that make time travel possible. You can only find that in Louis’s head or a hard drive in the basement, called the diamond-hard neuromorphic process. (Do you have a headache yet?).

The father and son(s) team destroy the accelerator when Martha accidentally shoots herself, turning old Martha into colored dust particles. 

The film has two poignant endings. For one, old Adam, young Adam, and their father, Louis, pull a Ray and John Kinsella. They all have a game of catch in the front yard of their home. As they play catch, you begin to feel the wounds heal. Adult Adam thinks two of the same people cannot leave their non-home origin once they are there. Louis feels differently. All of a sudden, they both disappear. We presume to their appropriate timelines.

The other is Laura makes a sacrifice that allows the Adams to escape. Martha blew her away with her ship’s guns. After Adult Adam leaves his father’s timeline, he is back at a lecture meeting Laura for the first time.

Netflix film The Adam Project ending explained

I will not pretend I know the first thing about time travel or The Adam Project’s “grounded” scienceI want to think time travel is not just about changing timelines or resisting the past or the future. But because the Greek poet Menander said time heals all wounds, you see. As all three play catch, the Adams now have let go of the past and are healed and have closure.

When it comes to Adam and Laura meeting for the first time in the future, Martha and Sorian are no longer a threat to them or the world. Their relationship is given a reprieve and a fresh start.

By the way, my fan theory — Ruffalo and Garner are playing the same characters from 13 Going on 30, right?

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