Upload season 2 – how did Nathan download?

March 11, 2022
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This article,” how did Nathan download,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Upload season 2.

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We all know what Ingrid (the terrific Allegra Edwards) did. She has low self-esteem. So, even when Nathan’s health was taking a turn for the better in Upload‘s pilot, she convinces him to upload instead of risking death. Unfortunately for Nathan (Code 8’s Robbie Amell), the hospital used a horrifying laser to incinerate Nathan’s head right when his mother arrived to help change his mind. When Nathan comes to Lake View, he has some understandable resentment towards Ingrid. There is hope, however. He watches a televised feed where scientists try experimental technology to reverse the process.

Unfortunately, things go wrong. The test subject was downloaded into the patient (The Office’s Creed Bratton), who sensed something wasn’t right after a few euphoric seconds. As he begged for it to be reversed, his head exploded.

Luckily for everyone else, in Season 2, the scientists focus their work on pigeons instead of humans. And technology has increased. Nathan holds out hope that he may be able to, but with his body missing and no way to regrow his head, how?

Upload season 2 – how did Nathan download?

So, Ingrid, feeling guilty, saved Nathan’s body and, with the help of the mysterious and ominous company named Freeyon, has almost regrown his head entirely with stem cell technology. At the end of the sixth episode, “The Outing”, Ingrid walks into an unmarked facility called NexGen. She sits next to Nathan and stares at his refurbished head.

We can give Ingrid credit for saving Nathan and reversing her chosen path. But let’s not give her too much credit here. This isn’t her funding scientific research to advance the science to cure childhood diabetes, myocardial infarctions, or dementia. Ingrid is doing this because she desperately wants a family and a man who doesn’t love her back.

Of course, when Nathan and Nora find out about this, their use of the download is seen through altruistic eyes. Mr. Choak stole his code, Nathan’s retinas are possibly still the password. If Nathan downloads back into his body, they can take down what Freeyon plans to do.

The problem is, even with technological advancements, the chance of Nathan surviving more than 48 hours is minuscule. They still take the chance with the help of Matteo (Royal Pains’ Paulo Costanzo) and the LUDDS, who are equipped to infiltrate and download Nathan back into his body.

When it is complete, they head back east to help take down Freeyon. When Nathan wakes up, his nose is bleeding, signaling that he may meet an end similar to Creed. However, when the season ends, Ingrid grabs a hair from an old hairbrush in her apartment.

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