Upload season 2- what are Upload’s unanswered questions?

March 11, 2022
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Upload season 2- what are Uploads unanswered questions

This article,” what are Upload’s unanswered questions,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Upload season 2.

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In the second season of Upload, Amazon Prime Video’s number one rated sitcom, the season finale left even more unanswered questions than the conclusion of its freshman season. This is quite the accomplishment since it had one of the most shocking endings in streaming history! At the end of last season, Ingrid (Briarpatch’s Allegra Edwards) told Nathan she uploaded for him!

Of course, we found out later she lied about the entire thing. However, there is much more to discuss where things may head into season three! Upload has not been renewed yet, but the second season was renewed less than a week after season one premiered on Prime. And, series creator Greg Daniels recently admitted that he and his writing team (including the A.I. Guys, Owen Daniels) are already writing the next season!

Upload season 2- what are Upload’s unanswered questions?

What will Nathan’s future hold?

Nathan had a long shot at surviving his download. Even if his head exploded shortly after his arrival, his lasting more than 24 to 48 hours are less than three percent at best. So, when the season ends with Nathan bleeding from his nose, our thoughts take an ominous turn. Will Nathan last the night? The next day? Personally, if his head exploded, it would have been one of the most memorable ways to cancel a show in recent memory. This leads me to the thought below.

What is Ingrid planning to do with Nathan’s hair?

We know that Ingrid is a planner, but her first thought is to serve her self-interest. After Nathan breaks up with her, she searches her apartment for anything to do with him. If you remember, in the fifth episode of this season titled “Mind Frisk,” they used the DNA left on Nora’s boss’s chair to unlock his computer. Here, in Ingrid’s last seen on the season, she is beaming because she pulls a piece of brown hair from an old brush of Nathan’s.

This begs the question — will she grow her own “Nathan” baby to have a family? Is she doing this to always to be connected to him in some way? Instead of a child, will she grow Nathan 2.0? Remember, she helped preserve Nathan’s body and used stem cell technology to regrow his head so he could download. Or, maybe she knows what they are up to. He may die soon. Maybe she plans on regrowing Nathan because the time on the current incarnation is running out.

Will, somehow, Luke and Aleesha’s friendship turn into romance?

One of the pleasant surprises this season has been how the supporting cast has stepped up. Part of that has to do with the budding will they or won’t they (Sam and Dianne, if you will) romance between Kevin Bridley’s Luke and Zainab Johnson’s Aleesha. Slowly, Luke’s boyish charm and empathetic ear have been winning over Aleesha with every passing episode. Will Luke risk being downloaded to be with Aleesha?

What are Choak and Freeyond up to?

What is he up to? During the sixth episode titled “The Outing,” Nora said the uploads could not vote, but Nathan mentioned the poor people signing up could swing an election if given the opportunity. How will they accomplish this? My guess? Choak will not report the uploads and take over their voting rights.

How will Nathan, Nora, and the LUDDS takedown Choak and Freeyond?

Over 650 Freeyond locations across the country, all in swing states, were placed by Choak and company. How will they do it? My guess is a virus that will infect each facility. This raises the question, why destroy facilities where the poor and oppressed are stored? The moral implications are on overdrive here. Remember, Nathan’s mother, who cannot afford rent at the end of the season, said goodbye to her niece. She has chosen to upload as a way to escape poverty.

Will Aleesha and Nora patch things up?

This is more interesting beneath the surface. Aleesha is moving up in the company, and Nora has become a mole. Will Aleesha protect her newfound job security by protecting Horizon at all costs? Probably not. I envision a storyline line where Luke sacrifices himself for the greater good that leaves her heartbroken. (This often happens with supporting characters instead of lead characters).

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