Upload season 2 – who was responsible for Nathan’s murder?

March 11, 2022
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This article,” who was responsible for Nathan’s murder,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Upload season 2.

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During the first season of Amazon Prime Video’s popular sitcom, Upload, Nathan (Code 8’s Robbie Amell) and Nora (Chicago Fire’s Andy Allo) speculated who was responsible for his murder. Was it Nathan’s business partner? Who wanted to keep the business for himself? Did Ingrid (Allegra Edwards, giving the series’ best performances) have something to do with the botched car accident? There was even speculation it could have been Ingrid’s father. But why? To add fuel to the fire, Mr. Choak (The X-Files’ William B. Davis), when the season began, the old man/billionaire digital resident of Lake View told him, logically, he was killed because his code would have changed everything.

Well, season two takes a shocking turn. During the fifth episode, “Mind Frisk,” Horizon creates a technology to scan Lake View residents’ thoughts. If they find anything that threatens the company’s security, they will delete the paying member. (There must be a clause in the contract). So, altruistic people do what they do. Nathan and Nora infiltrate her boss’s computer to destroy the technology. They will hear Nathan’s thoughts and delete him if they don’t.

Yet, when they come across Mr. Choak’s file, he talks in real-time. But, to who? It’s the middle of the night, and he should be powered down by now. He talks to the deceased assassin who tried to kill Nora and Nathan by taking control of the elevator. As they talk, it becomes clear. The wrinkly and weathered man admits to paying the man to rig Nathan’s car to kill him!

Upload season 2 – who was responsible for Nathan’s murder?

Again, while I think everyone forgets that Ingrid had more to do with it (but for different reasons), Choak had the final call. After Nathan leaves Nora, he goes through his old stored memories. While waiting for the meeting with Ingrid’s father about buying the company, he sees Mr. Choak walk by and talk to Ingrid’s father. Since Choak thinks Nathan saw him, he orders him to take out Nathan.

But why? They want Nathan’s advanced code to help store the 1% bodies all over swing states across the country to win an election. It’s almost a future gerrymandering. The rich pay to keep themselves, like Jake Paul, who wants to bypass their fate. This way, the rich and powerful (you’ll notice everybody they come across floating in their moon pools are white) control future elections.

This still doesn’t answer the question of why do this for poor people? Nora says poor people cannot vote, but Nathan says if you get enough of them, they can swing elections since most of the 650 stores are in swing states. Nora could have misspoken (the screeners do not allow subtitles, so it is hard to decipher if this is correct), or could Freeyon be gearing up with secret legislation for uploads to vote? Even have them upload, not tell anyone, and vote on their behalf?

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