Upload season 2 – Why did Ingrid lie about uploading?

March 11, 2022
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This article,” Why did Ingrid lie about uploading,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Upload season 2.

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When Amazon’s number one rated thirty-minute show (their words, not mine) ended its freshman season, it ended with a massive cliffhanger. The season focused on Nathan (Code 8’s Robbie Amell) choosing to be uploaded instead of taking his chances on surgery after an automated self-driving car accident. His needy girlfriend’s idea was Ingrid (Brianpatch’s Allegra Edwards). This way, they can ensure they can be together forever. How? The technology has advanced where humans can choose to upload themselves in a virtual reality instead of turning in worm food. It’s not a pretty picture because to accomplish this, some horrific-looking laser incinerates your head.

The cliffhanger was Ingrid uploading herself into Lake View so that she and Nathan could be together forever. A gesture of true love and sacrifice. That is just beautiful, right? Well, the only problem is Nathan is in love with another woman, Nora (Chicago Fire’s Andy Allo). Something doesn’t seem right. Why would a woman, who usually doesn’t have a selfless bone in her body, basically commit suicide while in the prime of her life? 

That’s because she is lying. She bought a sex suit (a technological achievement for visual conjugal visits) as a way to pretend she made the sacrifice to Nathan.

Why did Ingrid lie about uploading in Upload season 2?

But not really, because it is a way to tie him down because he will no longer take her money for first-class Horizon service. Ingrid is a master manipulator. The gesture she made is empty because she was the one to convince him to download even though his health took a turn for the better. This was the only way to ensure Nathan needed her so he would not break up with her. She also viewed Nathan as handsome, intelligent, and athletic. An excellent partner to start a family with. 

While Ingrid may be viewed as selfish and vain, she has taken quite a few steps to show Nathan how much she loves him. The problem is that Ingrid, no matter the flaws, has little self-respect for herself, or she would have left him months prior. She still tries to stay with Nathan after seeing how he looks at Nora. More telling, even after, when she hires someone to wear the sex suit so she can get a day of self-care, Nathan is more in love with the fill-in than her personality.

The question is: did the gesture matter in the first place? Does Nathan find out? Where do Nathan and Ingrid stand by the end of Season 2?

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