Life & Beth season 1 – does Beth take the promotion in Naples, Florida?

March 18, 2022
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This article, “does Beth take the promotion in Naples, Florida,” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s Life & Beth season 1.

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At thirty-nine years old, Beth is content with her job as a saleswoman at a wine distributor. Not necessarily happy, but recognizes it is a good-paying job, with benefits, and she is lucky to have it. However, her mother thinks she needs to find something that makes her happy while shopping with her. You know, like volleyball. (In high school, Beth was an excellent volleyball player but gave it up after an injury to her leg during a boating accident). She sends out a snarky reply to her mother, telling her she will get right on finding those pro volleyball leagues waiting for her. (In her mom’s defense, there are pro volleyball leagues, and you can view them by clicking these words).

Her boyfriend Matt is the star salesman, so it was strange when her boss Murray hints she is running for a low-end six-figure salary to be the manager of the Kerig operation in Naples, Florida. However, since this kept coming up throughout the series, you could assume she would jump at it. Yet, Beth quits after landing an account worth a half-a-million, which would have secured her the position. 

Does Beth take the promotion in Naples, Florida in Life & Beth season 1?

At the end of the episode “Leonard”she quits even though she landed the account of her career. Why? She did so because she was inspired by a half-dozen young women finding their thing by dancing in a fountain outside a fancy restaurant. While she is good at her job, it does not make her happy, and she needs to find her bliss. She does not require the big payday anymore to pay off her bills because her commission is $35,000. This gives her enough money to plan her next move and find something in her life that is worthwhile.

The question is: Will Beth regret her decision to take the promotion, or will she finally be content in her new life on Long Island? I think we know the answer.

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