Who died in Life & Beth season 1?

March 18, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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This article, “Who died in Life & Beth season 1,” contains spoilers regarding the Hulu series.

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Who died in Life & Beth season 1?

Well, the new Hulu show Life & Beth is not precisely Reacher. The Amy Schumer half-hour dramedy is more about living a life that killed your childhood dreams than ending it. Besides Michael Cera’s John feeding Schumer’s Beth a half dozen rabbit livers, we can only assume he cooked fresh (and the hundreds of living swiss chard and celery root that woman from Notting Hill would have considered murder), there are two funerals for two deaths in the series. One of them drives the series to its finish.

Maya’s Grandfather, “Don.”

Beth’s dear friend growing up is Maya (Yamaneika Saunders). She moved back into her grandfather’s house after her divorce. Growing up, he drove Maya to school every day, often with Beth. He was the constant, positive force in her life. When he passed away, Beth missed a call from Maya because she had been involved in her work and with John. She feels awful. They use the funeral service as a way to show Beth and John outside their relationship bubble. John is socially awkward and rude without realizing it. This almost breaks the two of them up, but they become stronger because of it.

Beth’s mother, “Jane.”

This is the storyline that drives the story. Jane (played by the always welcomed Laura Benanti) passes away at the end of the first episode. She is killed in a car accident. She had a complicated relationship with her mother. Jane ruined her relationship with her best friend, Liz, by having an affair with her father. This caused Beth depression and anxiety as a teenager, where she could only cope by pulling out her hair. She couldn’t even have lunch in the cafeteria. Jane had to buy her a wig to cover up the bald spot.

It was not easy growing up and being Jane’s daughter. Even though as they got older, Jane kept cycling through relationships and Beth’s younger sister, Ann, hated her for it. They let go of the past, and both managed to forgive her after the “do-over” funeral reception they had for her.

And there you go — a complete list of who died in Life & Beth season 1. 

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