Bridgerton season 2 – does Kate die after her life-threatening accident?

March 25, 2022
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This article, ”does Kate die after her life-threatening accident,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2. 

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Following a scandalous love triangle between herself, her sister Edwina and Edwina’s husband to be Anthony, Kate and Anthony both attempt to fight their desire for each other. However, they keep finding their way to each other. And after being told by Edwina that she isn’t “kind-hearted”, Kate finds herself, once again, drawn back to Anthony. They kiss each other and have passionate sex.

After Kate awakes in the morning to find that Anthony is gone, Kate feels tremendous levels of guilt. So, likely as a way to avoid the issue, Kate goes horse riding in the pouring rain. But disaster happens, and Kate falls off her horse. At the end of the seventh episode, it certainly doesn’t look good for Kate. Will she survive?

Does Kate die after her life-threatening accident in Bridgerton season 2?

As Anthony has also gone horse riding, he is mere meters away when the life-threatening accident happens. Once he rushes to her aid, he carries her back to Mayfair and ensures she seeks rest/treatment. 

It’s a long wait, but Kate finally recovers and is left with no lasting damage. Lucky Kate! And as the love triangle damaged her previously strong relationship with her sister, the accident allows Edwina to reflect on recent events. As a result, Edwina not only forgives Kate and Anthony but gives them her blessing to move forward with their romance.

And just six months later, Kate and Anthony are married! Whilst it was clear from the start that the two have chemistry, chances are that without Kate’s accident, and therefore Edwina’s new outlook on life, Kate and Anthony would not have allowed themselves to give in to their feelings. 

All in all, what could have been a devastating and deadly accident for Kate, actually proved to be a blessing that ensured she followed her heart.

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