Bridgerton season 2 – does Lady Whistledown manage to keep her identity secret?

March 25, 2022
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This article, ”does Lady Whistledown manage to keep her identity secret,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2. 

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The case of Lady Whistledown and the person responsible for the gossip-filled issues was a major mystery during the first season of Bridgerton. But, as you’re probably aware, in the season finale it is shown to the audience, and to only the audience, that Penelope Featherington is Lady Whistledown. But with Queen Charlotte eager to learn who Lady Whistledown is, can Penelope keep her identity hidden?

Does Lady Whistledown manage to keep her identity secret in Bridgerton season 2?

Throughout the run of the second season, Penelope continues to print issues. But during one outing, she is spotted by dressmaker Genevieve. Luckily for Penelope, Genevieve has no interest in exposing Penelope. And to say thanks, Penelope uses one of her issues to compliment Genevieve’s dressmaking. As a result, Genevieve gains several new customers. 

But with Queen Charlotte closing in, and Eloise desperate to learn who Lady Whistledown is, the net begins to close in on Penelope. Queen Charlotte incorrectly assumes that Eloise is Lady Whistledown. And, therefore, to protect her best friend, Penelope prints vicious stories about Eloise. Whilst the plan seemingly works, it leads Eloise to learn the truth. Eloise is, understandably, angry, and ends her friendship with Penelope. 

And despite claiming to have given up her role as Lady Whistledown, the season finale sees Penelope write a new issue. “This author can not stay quiet for long”, Penelope/Lady Whistledown claims. Whilst two people learn who Lady Whistledown is, it doesn’t like Penelope is in too much danger of being exposed. Yet. With her friendship with Eloise over, could Eloise betray her former best friend? And will the pressure of knowing the truth prove to be too much for Genevieve? Only time will tell, but the third season could be a crucial season for Lady Whistledown.

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