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By Adam Lock
Published: March 25, 2022
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WeCrashed season 1, episode 5 preview, release date, predictions and where to watch online - apple tv+ series

This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed season 1, episode 5.

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At their worst, WeWork was losing 2.4 million a day, which is just crazy money. Thanks to Adam’s deluded determination, they managed to acquire the 4.4 billion investment of Masayoshi Son, hence the title. The journey to this investment was a long and arduous one, which “4.4” captures in a kinetic and emotional chapter. Here’s what happened in episode four of WeCrashed:

  • Adam wants to grow the company at a rapid speed to compete and even outdo the global giants in business, such as Starbucks and Amazon. He is gunning for forty stores by the year’s end, whilst his staff are worried about making eight.
  • Having seen the daily loses he decides to acquire a new investor. His heart is set on Masayoshi Son, who he plans on pitching to in India. Flying to the Start-up convention, Adam appears as a guest speaker, talking about his company in a subtle presentation for Masayoshi’s eyes only. The businessman is impressed and asks to see the WeWork headquarters.
  • WeWork are down 2.4 million a day and start firing staff. Adam decides to throw a party after letting go of seven percent of his workforce, in an utterly mad turn of events.
  • Rebekah befriends Elishia Kennedy, who owns a juice empire. They talk about marriage and divorce. Elishia unknowingly awakens a doubt in Rebekah, as the wife starts to see her husband with fresh eyes. He is becoming more distant and she starts to see through his fake façade.
  • Adam creates a forced fun environment at WeWork in the hopes of impressing his new investor. He has twelve minutes to pitch to the mogul. Masayoshi invests a whopping 4.4 billion, which Adam says is all for Rebekah and the two embrace.

WeCrashed season 1, episode 5 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 1st, 2022.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch WeCrashed season 1, episode 5 on Apple TV+ at the date mentioned above.


  • With billions of dollars injected into the company, Adam will spend this money at an unfathomable rate as he tries to grow the business.
  • The company will go from strength to strength for a while, yet this upward trend will end tragically. Just like before, WeWork will start to lose money again, now on an even grander scale.
  • Adam and Rebekah’s relationship will similarly go up and down. They will continually fall out and things will move closer to an eventual breakup.
  • The company will keep making dangerous promises and criminal activity will somehow seep into the storyline.

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