Renewed or Cancelled – Will there be a Thirty-Nine Season 2?

March 28, 2022
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Netflix’s unsatisfying, overlong k-drama Thirty-Nine is due to end soon. Despite my personal distaste for the show, it nonetheless has its fans, and with the final two episodes slated for release this week, there will doubtlessly be people curious about the possibility of Thirty-Nine Season 2.

Renewed or cancelled status – Will there be a Thirty-Nine Season 2?

Status: TBC

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation of a renewal. Given the success of k-drama for Netflix recently, it’s always a possibility, especially with shows like Love (Ft. Marriage and Divorce) still continuing apace despite having to recast major roles and the plot having long-since gone off the rails, so even though Thirty-Nine really doesn’t seem to lend itself to a continuation, I wouldn’t write the idea off entirely.

On Netflix Top 10’s Non-English TV categoryThirty-Nine is just about holding a slot at the very bottom of the list with 9,180,000 hours viewed on the second (of two) weeks for the show in the Top 10. It isn’t the most promising metric given the above.

What is Thirty-Nine?

A slice-of-life drama about three women who find out one of them has a terminal illness, Thirty-Nine should be a powerful, focused drama about friendship, love, loss, and grief, but it has been consistently overburdened with inconsistent subplots and romances. Particularly, the focus has rested on Mi-jo, often at the expense of the other two leads, and her complicated backstory and burgeoning relationship are by no means as interesting as the central dynamic.

What do we know about the second season so far?

As of now, nothing. The structure of the show means that the finale will likely bring a lot of closure, and with that closure will come the loss of one of the three main characters. Honestly, I don’t see how that can be continued, at least not in the same way. However, there are so many subplots revolving around the other two main characters that I wouldn’t be all that surprised if their stories were dragged out beyond the point of absurdity. If I was forced to give an official prediction, though, I’d veer on the side of Thirty-Nine not being renewed for a second season.

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