Next Time On… The Dropout season 1, episode 8

March 31, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Hulu series The Dropout season 1, episode 8.

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Elizabeth Holmes finally started to get a little taste of her own medicine as the true heroes of the story managed to get the scandalous article published. The Theranos team fought dirty to keep it all under wraps but the truth was victorious in the end. Here’s what happened in episode seven of The Dropout:

  • Reporter John Carreyrou pushes for his article to gain some traction and starts to gather some sources for the story. These include doctors and disgruntled Theranos employees. He sends eighty questions to Elizabeth in the hopes of gaining some answers to the secrecy of her company and some tricky accusations.
  • Elizabeth and Sunny organize a meeting where they berate their lawyer, David Boies, for a battle plan. The lawyer talks about suppressing the sources with negative press and questioning their credibility. The deluded couple just wants to sue everyone though and beg for blood.
  • John’s sources are hounded by Sunny or stalked by unknown figures. Their paranoia and fear drive them to go quiet or to delete valuable email evidence. Only one source remains: Tyler Shultz.
  • Tyler’s granddad furiously interrogates the boy and Theranos send HR to silence this final voice. HR tries to scare Tyler with restraining orders, NDAs, and legal papers to sign. Tyler refuses to sign anything and George worries he can’t even trust his own grandson anymore.
  • Boies confronts the team at Wall Street Journal, yet they let snippets of information slip that could incriminate Theranos.
  • Wall Street Journal publish the article and Elizabeth takes the heat.
  • At a raucous staff meeting, Elizabeth states that they are going to fight these accusations and look into every detail of that article.

The Dropout season 1, episode 8 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on Thursday, April 7th, 2022.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Dropout season 1, episode 8 on Hulu and Disney+ at the date mentioned above.


  • The finale is only a week away and there is still so much of the Elizabeth Holmes story to tell.
  • Elizabeth will fight the article, but it will only lead to more controversy.
  • Investors will start to grow weary and pull out of the business.
  • Elizabeth may have to be interviewed publicly or make an apology to try and offset the bad press.
  • Incriminating evidence will find its way to John and he will inform the police.
  • Elizabeth will be caught out for her fraudulent activities and face the justice system.

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